Carrie Bradshaw's 15-Piece Parisian Capsule Wardrobe

I’ve watched and rewatched Sex and the City more times than I can count. I grew up tuning into the show, and the life Carrie Bradshaw lived as a writer in Manhattan always captivated me. Ahead of moving to NYC to pursue my career as a fashion editor, I thought back on Carrie’s life in NYC—it had, after all, inspired me to find a similar path for myself, at least in part.

Those Paris episodes have to be the ones I’ve watched more than any others, though. I lived in Paris myself years ago, so I have a strong connection to the French capital and carefully studied each scene for the landmarks, from the streets of Saint-Germain to the hallways of Plaza Athénée. Carrie’s vision of Paris is tied up in her romantic idea of the city and the life she imagined living there, so her outfits rely heavily on iconic French fashion staples like Breton stripes and boater hats. It all comes together in a perfect wardrobe for the City of Light. Want to get the look for yourself? Ahead, shop Carrie Bradshaw’s 15-pieces Parisian capsule wardrobe.