Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Would Definitely Wear These Pieces in 2018


Getty Images

It’s no well-guarded secret that I have a soft spot for fashion in the ’90s. Here at Who What Wear, I’ve written about Kate Moss’s iconic fashion from the decade, celebrity airport outfits, the bag style I want in my closet again, and everything in between. I even boiled down my personal wardrobe to some of the biggest ’90s fashion trends, noticing how similar some of my staple pieces are to the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy—one of my biggest fashion icons.

It’s clear to me now the significance of her classic style from the ’90s and the lasting impact that it’s had on me and countless others. It’s a wardrobe built around unfussy pieces that are meant to be worn and reworn and really stand up to the test of time. After her tragic death, she has become very linked with the ’90s and the cool minimalism that emerged at the time. But recently, I’ve been thinking about what Bessette-Kennedy would wear in 2018. Ahead I’ve predicted some pieces she would wear today.