The Verdict Is In: These Are the Most Popular Engagement Ring Trends

Truth be told, engagement ring trends can be a bit polarizing. Many would agree that the ring you'll wear forever should be classic and timeless. That said, think about vintage rings from, say, the 1920s and their distinct Art Deco features. That was a trend at the time. Now think about the romantic filigree detail of vintage Victorian-era rings. That characteristic too reflects the trends of the time period. What we're getting at is that engagement ring trends are almost always at least subtly present, whether you realize it or not, so it's best to educate yourself if you're in the market for a ring. 

This year, we covered a slew of trends, some major, some niche, some subtle, and some bold. Whatever your style, there was likely a ring trend to suit you in 2016. And in the spirit of reflection, we rounded up all the major trends we covered this year all in one place.

Head below to review the most popular engagement ring trends of 2016, and shop stunning examples of each. 

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Opening Image: Getty Images