4 Chic Trouser Trends You Can Easily Wear to the Office This Autumn


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With recent trends leaning towards smart, polished aesthetics, it's easier than ever to overlap your workwear and off-duty style. Autumn/winter 2023 is all about "quiet luxury", an umbrella term referring to non-showy pieces that look and feel subtly expensive. Structured blazers, tailored trousers and minimalist accessories all fit neatly into this category—and they just so happen to meet most office dress codes, too. So, if you work a 9-5 in a corporate environment, you won't struggle to find professional clothing that still feels fashionable.

But today we're honing in on one item in particular: work trousers. And truthfully, there's little to differentiate office-friendly slacks from the styles we've been raving about recently. From wide-legs to pinstripe pairs, these are trousers you can just as soon wear for an important meeting as a Sunday morning brunch date. It just takes a few styling tweaks; for the workday, stick to fuss-free shirting, classic footwear and perhaps a coordinating blazer, depending on how formal your office is. You can add a bit more personality once you clock out at 5 p.m, switching the loafers for sneakers, the shirt for a tank top, et cetera.

Below, I've selected four trouser trends you can rely on to form the foundation of a chic office look. I've also linked my favourite examples of each, so you can easily shop the best work trousers on the market right now. Thank me when you're voted 'Best-Dressed Employee of the Month'.

Shop the Best Work Trousers:

1. Wide-Leg Trousers


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2. Cigarette Trousers


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3. Tapered Trousers


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4. Pinstripe Trousers


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