27 Expensive-Looking H&M Basics With Glorious Reviews

Expensive-looking wardrobe basics



Shopping for basics is admittedly not the most exciting thing in the world, but they're some of the most important wardrobe purchases you can make. And since you wear them so often, you also are likely to need to replace them more often than other items in your wardrobe. Which means that you probably don't want to spend a lot of money on them either. Enter H&M.

You may first think of H&M as a source for cheap, trendy pieces, but we're here to tell you that the brand also stocks tons of basics. We love the selection of denim, T-shirts, blazers, and tanks, in particular, but there's something to fulfill any and every wardrobe need. It's typically easier to find expensive-looking basics than it is trend pieces, as solids neutral colors and simple silhouettes tend to be less expensive to produce. You certainly get your money's worth with luxury basics but when you see how expensive-looking some of H&M's basics are, you might as well save your precious cash.

Keep scrolling to shop 27 expensive-looking H&M basics that have also racked up incredible reviews.

These elastic-waist pants will make you look pulled together without trying.

80 reviews, 4.5 stars

Oversize button-downs are a great way to freshen up your stay-at-home wardrobe for warmer weather.

24 reviews, 4.5 stars

Most blazers that look like this cost hundreds.

35 reviews, 4.5 stars

Proof that H&M makes really good jeans for the price point.

19 reviews, 4.5 stars

These new shorts may not have racked up many reviews yet, but at $13, we're frankly shocked by how expensive these look.

3 reviews, 5 stars

We suggest tucking these into the aforementioned tank top.

18 reviews, 5 stars

Might we suggest also wearing this comfy linen shirt as a swimsuit cover-up?

7 reviews, 5 stars

This classic cardigan has a crazy amount of reviews, so it must be well worth the $13.

560 reviews, 4.5 stars

Ribbing makes everything look more expensive.

120 reviews, 4.5 stars

These pants are such a hit that we wrote a whole story about them. 

86 reviews, 4.5 stars

Given how much we plan on wearing oversize tees this summer, we may buy this 5-star one in bulk.

81 reviews, 5 stars

If you already have enough neutrals, this also comes in pretty bright colors.

111 reviews, 4.5 stars

Who says plain white tees have to be 100% plain?

119 reviews, 4.5 stars

No one will ever guess that these leggings were only $10 each.

7 reviews, 4.5 stars

Sweatshorts are one of the biggest trends to emerge over the past month, and this pair is perfect.

33 reviews, 5 stars

The frayed hem lends some coolness to a basic denim jacket.

97 reviews, 4.5 stars

This breezy LBD is perfect for throwing on when you don't feel like getting dressed.

16 reviews, 4.5 stars

A cozy alternative when it's too hot for a sweatshirt.

83 reviews, 4.5 stars

It's not surprising that this is nearly sold out.

41 reviews, 5 stars

Crochet is a trend, but this pretty bodysuit qualifies as a basic.

52 reviews, 4.5 stars

Buying this in bulk is highly recommended.

66 reviews, 4.5 stars

When it comes to leggings, oftentimes, the simpler the better.

26 reviews, 4.5 stars

The perfect T-shirt for a hot summer day.

46 reviews, 4.5 stars

Feels like you're wearing a T-shirt but looks like you're wearing a nice top.

378 reviews, 4.5 stars

These are pretty much as chic as shorts get.

9 reviews, 5 stars

 An easy, affordable way to dip a toe into the bra-top trend.

11 reviews, 4.5 stars

An excellent version of a classic striped tee.

4 reviews, 5 stars