7 Items I Haven't Touched Since Working From Home and What I'm Wearing Instead


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While for some, working from home is considered business as usual, as someone who has been going into an office every Monday through Friday since the day I graduated college, I would be lying if I said that, for me, the last month of working full-time from my apartment hasn't taken some adjusting.

Of course, I can’t complain. I know that I’m lucky to be working and, beyond that, doing something I quite enjoy, but I have learned some things along the way that I felt might be worth a share. In this forum, the lessons that apply most are, naturally, related to style and getting dressed. Below I’m breaking down the items I’ve basically exiled from my wardrobe since WFH life began, along with the things I’ve been wearing on repeat instead. Some are for comfort—others, morale. To read about it all and do a little shopping along the way if you're so inclined, just keep scrolling.

Haven't Touched: Jeans

It sounds obvious, but I've actually seen a lot more jeans on my Instagram feed than I'd have expected lately. While I commend my fellow WFH-ers for keeping their denim game strong at home, my collection of rigid, super-high-waisted jeans is on the back burner for now.

Instead Wearing: Joggers & Bike Shorts 

Joggers and bike shorts have definitely been my bottoms of choice lately. I like to switch it up, and if I'm wearing joggers, I usually contrast them with a more fitted top and with bike shorts will go for something more oversize. Kind of like how I would do it if I were actually going somewhere! 

Haven't Touched: Underwire Bras

Much like most of my trusted friends, I’m completely off underwire bras at the moment. I can’t seem to rationalize the discomfort (even if it’s ever so slight) when there are plenty of suitable alternatives for sitting at my dining table.

Instead Wearing: Bralettes

Currently, my favorite of the aforementioned alternatives is the bralette, and below are the styles I’ve been wearing on repeat.

Haven't Touched: Anything With a Heel

Except for this one time that I dressed up at home (for the sake of journalism), anything with a heel is staying right where it belongs: in my closet.

Instead Wearing: Slippers & Socks

Instead, I’ve been living in comfy slippers and fun socks (both separately and together), and I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to wearing real shoes again.

Haven't Touched: Pajamas

To clarify, I still wear my beloved pajama sets to sleep, but I’ve been making sure not to wear them while I’m working in the day. Though they are comfortable, something about staying in "sleep clothes” is a serious blow to my morale.

Instead Wearing: Lounge Sets

Now, a lounge set, on the other hand, is "office”-approved. You’ll feel like you’re in pajamas but look a little more put-together and still have that sense of I got dressed today to get you going. 

Haven't Touched: Rings

I initially had high hopes for keeping up with my accessory game during this time, but I’ve found it hard to rationalize wearing rings when I’m typing on a laptop all day with no one but myself. They were usually the first thing I’d take off upon getting home from work anyway, so for now, they’re just staying off.

Instead Wearing: Necklaces

My love of necklaces, though, continues to live on. I have a couple of daintier styles that stay on through sleeping and showers and still find myself throwing on a chunky gold chain every so often just for a pick-me-up.

Haven't Touched: Blouses

I’ve never been a blouse person, in general, because I much prefer the feel and fabric of tees and tanks, so I especially have not been wearing them while working from home.

Instead Wearing: Ribbed Tanks & Oversized Tees

As far as tops go, as mentioned above, I’ve mostly been rotating between tighter ribbed tanks and oversize tees, depending on my mood and what the rest of my outfit consists of.

Haven't Touched: Skirts

Maybe it’s just the types of skirts I happen to own, but I have had zero desire to put a single one of them on in the last several weeks.

Instead Wearing: Comfy Dresses

On the other hand, comfortable dresses do exist, and they happen to be a delight. Think long or loose styles in soft or silky materials that don’t feel restrictive.

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