Sorry, Sweatpants—This Cozy Trend Is Officially Replacing You

Daylight savings has come and gone, Netflix is releasing new shows by the minute, and bomber jackets are trending—I'm starting to get the hint that hibernation season is officially upon us. The time has come for me to revisit my at-home wardrobe, and I'd be totally unprepared for months of series binging without buying into my new favorite trend that is maximum cozy, minimum effort, and instantly chic. I've decided that house dresses are the best way to step into 2022 with an elevated take on loungewear. 

Gone are my early pandemic days of frantic Amazon orders hoping to find a solution to the newfound need for more time spent at home. I now have a strategic approach that is both comfortable and stylish, and I want you to try it with me. 

It may be difficult for me to convince some of you to trade in your trusty sweatpants for a chic dress, but hear me out. Dodging seasonal woes becomes much easier when you feel like your best self, and this is the trend that will help you do just that. A new house dress is a purchase you won't regret because you'll be able to layer it with cozy knits for days spent at home, but you can also dress it up for a night out here and there—exactly what you'll need for this winter. I've gathered a style for everyone, whether you lean toward more tailored, menswear-inspired pieces or flirty, feminine silhouettes, so start scrolling.

Nothing But Knits

The knit dress is an item I can guarantee every WWW editor has, and so should you. We universally agree that WFH days, movie nights, and everything in between require this comfortable yet elevated dress.

Best house dresses: knits



Classic pearl jewels and a sleek slicked-back bun make this look exude luxury.

Best printed house dresses



 A printed pop of color will brighten up your days.

Best house dresses for winter



After seeing the cutouts on this midi, I instantly hit save on this look.

Shop knit dresses:

I just purchased this dress after daydreaming about the endless layering possibilities it holds. 

This is an editor-tested and editor-approved Amazon find, so obviously, I instantly added it to my cart.

A dress that has almost as much personality as you do.

This is a piece worth wearing year-round.

I've decided that every winter wardrobe this year requires this shade of green.

Little House on the Prarie

This dress style is the definition of comfort first. I always find myself in between a float and a flounce when I wear this style around the house. The breezy silhouettes make them instant mood-lifters. 

I'm always open to exploring a puff sleeve.

Best house dresses: the nap dress



Just know that it takes five seconds to get ready when you own a dress like this.

Best house dresses for any event



Okay, it's official—I'm leaning into this style.

Shop prairie dresses:

The dress that broke the internet continues to amaze me.

Something about wearing gingham makes me want to make a charcuterie board.

My jaw dropped when I learned this dress also comes with a detachable bralette.

I swear this is the color that flatters every complexion.

Risky Business

Oh, to feel as young and free as Tom Cruise's happy-go-lucky character in Risky Business. Well, now you can sorta get there by simply throwing on your favorite oversize shirtdress and having an at-home dance party. I know what my plans are for tonight.

This is giving me "East Coast hideaway" vibes, and I'm loving it.

The best house dresses we're never taking off



Cinch the waist with a luxurious belt bag, and you just may find yourself in a whole new look.

When you add gold jewelry, your shirtdress looks even better.

Shop shirtdresses:

An instant classic that just gets better when you layer in a knit cardigan or fun tee.

Don't judge me if you catch me wearing this three days in a row.

The chain-belt detail brings the party to your lazy night in.

The Peter Pan collar is the finishing touch that sold me.

The infamous phrase "It has pockets!" comes into play here.

Slip Into This

Nothing feels more luxurious than lounging at home in a delicate slip dress. I'm trading in the recently revived cowl-neck silhouette and choosing styles that bring a bit of edge with intricate cutouts, scrunched straps, form-flattering necklines, and more.

Best House Dresses: Slip Dress



When your dress is just as exquisite as your modern-art collection.

Best house dresses: the printed slip dress



Cobalt blue if you dare.

Best house dresses: the lace slip dress



Lots of lace is the secret to upping the luxury experience of putting on a slip dress.

The sold-out-everywhere dress is a cult favorite for good reason.

A closer look at the details made me fall in love with this one.

I have an addiction to minidresses, and this one would look great paired with my favorite cardigan.