All I'm Interested in Buying Right Now Is Loungewear—Here's What's in My Cart

I never would have imagined that in 2020, “loungewear” would become such a buzzword. Anyone else? It’s all my friends are asking me to help them find, all I really want to buy at the moment—aside from slippers—and, as I worked on this story, I even noticed that more than a handful of my go-to shopping sites had suddenly added a whole section devoted to the term since the last time I looked. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I still was! Nonetheless, I can’t say it doesn’t help.

Since, as I mentioned, loungewear is what I’m currently most interested in buying, I figured I would share everything on my wish list based on the assumption that many of you reading this are in the same boat. From easy tops to comfy bottoms to cute matching sets and something of a miscellaneous section, below you’ll find all of the options I’m currently vetting for my new WFH lifestyle before I’m inevitably forced to edit them down so I can actually purchase a few. To get started and shop all my picks, just keep scrolling.


There are few things I enjoy more than Henleys.

This environmentally friendly tee comes in tons of colors and has a coordinating sweatsuit. Doesn't get better than that.

Look like you're wearing a button-down; feel like you're wearing a sweatshirt.

Friends whose opinions I actually trust tell me that Skims pieces are amazing, so I think it's time I buy some.

Anything with "cozy" in the name is going to be an automatic yes from me.

Choosing a color was nearly impossible.


I have a pair of these already, and they're just perfect for wearing around the house.

I actually own these pants and recommend them to all my friends.

I'm currently living in these and can't recommend them enough.

This Nordstrom review says it all: "I purchased these with the matching sweatshirt. The set makes me really happy... which is honestly something I needed since we are stuck at home indefinitely these days. Super soft. Runs potentially large-ish but I don’t think I’d size down because comfort is key! Stay healthy out there everyone."

Matching Sets

Raise your hand if you need this whole look.

Shop the matching Waffle Shorts ($114).

For when I want to feel cute while I fold laundry.

Feel like you're home; look like you're ready to go out.

Shop the matching pants.

Pj's, Dresses, and More

Something about the cut of this pj's set feels so forward.

The one you were eyeing when you clicked into this story.

One of my most-purchased pajama brands, hands down.

When the time comes, this will double as party attire.

If I were going to walk around the house in a tight dress, it would look like this.