I Asked Everyone I Trust for Their Bra Recs—Here's What I Got

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On one of my many recent closet cleanout kicks, it came to my attention that the only thing I truly need to buy at the moment is bras. In fact, I couldn't even remember the last time I actually purchased one, and it occurred to me that I don't even have a single favorite, because none of them seem to fit just right anymore.

So, a week ago, I copy-and-pasted this exact text message to six of my friends, two colleagues, and my older sister: "Hey! I need new bras so I'm writing a story on the brands and styles that people I trust recommend. Can you send me your favorites and why?" One of them never got back to me (thanks for nothing, Arley!), but luckily, the rest of them over-achieved and here we are today.

And what did I get out of my little mass text? Well, first I learned quite quickly that, across the board, bralettes are the name of the game right now and underwire styles are currently on a need-to-wear basis. That shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, seeing as many of us are spending much of our time at home right now and comfort seems to be the top priority when dressing.

In addition to uncovering this rather obvious trend, however, I ended up with eleven brands even more bra styles ranging from less than $5 to over $100 that seem to be worth the money, hype, and more. To read about each one and shop the exact styes that were recommended to me by the people whose tastes I actually trust, just keep scrolling.

Le Mystere

My coworker Lauren had a lot to say about this bra, so I'll just let you read her exact words: 

"This is legitimately my favorite bra that I own. I have it in both black and nude and wear it almost every day. I am not a fan of padding, so I am always buying unlined bras. The name of this one, 'Second Skin,' really says it all. Wearing this bra feels like wearing nothing. I even wear it at home sometimes in place of a bralette or sports bra. That's how light and comfortable it is."

Fleur du Mal

Unsurprisingly, Fleur du Mal came up multiple times. One friend said she loves the brand's triangle bra because of it's less-is-more nature, good fit, and undeniable cuteness. Another said she is also a fan of the triangle bra as well as its lace demi bras. If you're looking for a brand that combines sexy cuts and materials with a comfortable fit, this seems to be it. 

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein's extensive collection can be a little overwhelming, so I was glad to get two specific recs for the brand. First, my friend Alexa vouched for its T-shirt bra and its perfect fit. Also, my friend Alanna, who is generally just not a fan of bras, swears by its Invisibles Bralette because she claims it's the closest thing to not wearing one. According to her, it's super soft, supportive, and looks seamless under clothes. 

Stella McCartney

According to my friend Roxanna, who almost exclusively wears bralettes and/or wireless, unpadded bras, Stella McCartney is the cream of the crop. If you have a smaller bust, hate underwires, but still want something supportive and edgy, this is the brand for you.


The great thing about my sister Tiffany is that she's always willing to be the first to test out any new Kardashian-Jenner brands. According to her, Skims is 100% deserving of the hype. Her exact words were: "Wow, wow, wow, and more wow. I'm obsessed with everything Skims, but this bralette from the Fits Everybody Collection is a life-changer." 


If you're one of the many people who swear by the Natori Feathers Bra, you'll want to read what my colleague, Ally has to say about a newer style from the brand: "I'd been wearing the popular Natori Feathers Bra for years but always wished it was a little more seamless under T-shirts. I discovered the brand's Flora Underwire Bra a few months ago and I find it to be just as comfortable and supportive but with a smoother look. And aside from being functional, it's really pretty."

Fruit of the Loom

Looking for something comfortable to wear around the house? I know I am. For that, my sister swears by the below bralettes from Fruit of the Loom. She says it's unbelievably comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house in with sweatpants. The $13 price tag (for a pack of three!) and nearly 8000 Amazon reviews don't hurt its case either.

La Perla

La Perla was another brand that came up several times and seems to be a great option for those looking to invest a bit more into their bra. For those on the fuller side, it seems to be one of few brands that make delicate and pretty bras but still provide the coverage and support one needs.

Anine Bing

This should come as no surprise since Anine Bing has been a long time fashion-girl favorite. According to my friend Alexa, in addition to being nice to look at, the famous lace bralettes are also extremely comfortable.

Marie Jo

Now, this was a brand I had actually never heard of, however, according to my friend Lauren, they are "the most comfortable and practical, and they are all pretty—no matter the style." I took it upon myself to do a quick search and it appears she's right!


If like me, you love Cosabella's underwear and lingerie, then it's time to give its Dolce Soft Bra a chance, too. At least, that's what my friend Roxanna says, and as the title of this story implies, I'd take her word for it.