Found: A Self-Care Routine So Good You'll Want to Scream It From the Rooftops

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Let's be real: There are a lot of content creators out there. And it's all too easy to get lost down a rabbit hole of morning routines, OOTDs, and workout regimens by people you've only vaguely heard of (or haven't heard of at all, for that matter). But if you haven't come across photographer and content creator Dylana Suarez yet, then allow me to save you some time—Suarez's feed is 100% worth the scroll. (Her 207k followers are proof.) I'm here for her perfectly curated feed, but her impeccable style and beauty and wellness routines are really where it's at. Take one scroll through her Instagram, and it's obvious that Suarez is juggling a whole lot of responsibilities. Luckily for us, with great responsibility comes great advice. "The pressure to do too much is never effective," says Suarez of her ongoing to-do list. "It's important to be patient with ourselves and to listen to our minds and bodies, even when we're constantly feeling pressured to take on this and that."

So how does this multitasker extraordinaire get through the day, you ask? "Balance is my number-one secret to getting everything done without sacrificing my mental and physical well-being," she says. If you want to see what that looks like, keep scrolling. Suarez's carefully crafted self-care routine (including the meals she's making to stay focused and the supplements she relies on daily) is coming at you below.


(Image credit: @dylanasuarez)

Suarez's first morning move is to stretch out her body to get the kinks out and feel refreshed before starting her day. "I take an Olly Hello Happy Gummy Worm ($20) in the morning to kickstart my mood on a positive note. It's perfect right after my morning stretch," Suarez says. "It has vitamin D, which helps support cellular and brain health, and saffron, a super spice that boosts serotonin (aka the happiness hormone). These ingredients are so important to keeping our body functions—mood, sleep, digestion, nausea, wound healing, bone health, blood clotting, etc.—on point. When I start my day this way, I find myself in a more positive mood throughout the workday and into the evening."


(Image credit: @dylanasuarez)

Once she's all stretched out, Suarez likes to start the day with a workout. "I try to move at least 25–30 minutes every single day. Usually, my at-home workouts are a mix of pilates, cardio, and sculpting with weights," she says. "I love this combination so much because I can get my sweat on and tone and define my muscles at the same time, which makes me feel strong." But for Suarez, strength is about more than toned muscles. "If I work out in the morning, I know I'll feel so encouraged to be productive during the day. My focus will be laser sharp. My skin, my gut, my confidence—everything feels better when I exercise."


(Image credit: @dylanasuarez)

"After I workout, I'm always ready for a really good meal," says Suarez. What's her favorite meal of the day? "Making an epic breakfast is one of my favorite things. I love breakfast bowls, and I'm always changing it up depending on the ingredients in my refrigerator," she says. "My favorite one is super simple: quinoa, baby tomatoes, a boiled egg, and some avocado with a little salt and pepper. I think a lot more about the macronutrients that go into my meals these days because my energy levels rely so much on them. And I try really hard to never skip meals."

Also on the breakfast menu are Olly's Metabolism Gummy Rings ($20). "They're so tasty and help support metabolism and lean body mass, which is so important to someone who loves to work out and stay strong," says Suarez. "This supplement is an energy boost and helps support a healthy digestive system. It helps keep my energy levels up throughout the day, which is super important for a multitasker like me."


(Image credit: @dylanasuarez)

Next, Suarez gets down to business. "I set up my work station at my dining table, which overlooks my living room, and I get a view of the East River and the city. It's bright, open, and super inspiring," she says. "This is where I create my mood boards, tackle my emails and take my calls. The day always depends on deadlines and appointments for the week, so everything is structured around these things. My favorite projects to focus on are the video shoots that allow me to express my full creativity and go in the direction I really want to. This is when I can dig into the inspiration folders, build mood boards, and flesh out my concepts. I get so excited when I'm building my vision for a project and seeing how I can bring it to life. This is when I feel the most creative and in my groove."


(Image credit: @dylanasuarez)

In the name of balance, Suarez is all about taking breaks throughout the day. "An afternoon bike ride is the perfect way to break up the day for an energy boost (and to get a little light cardio in) before I tackle my end-of-day activities," she says. "I live in Dumbo, and I love a 15–20 minute ride around my neighborhood. It's so aesthetically pleasing, and I can ride by the water, which is an instant mood lifter. I feel so lucky to have a bike and to be able to take it out whenever I want to."


(Image credit: @dylanasuarez)

For Suarez, the end of the day is all about self-care. "I love to unwind on my rooftop with a glass of wine, a book, or five minutes of diary writing," she says of her post-work routine. "Fall is the best time to do this because it's usually quite calm, and I feel like I'm the only person up there. I love sharing a glass of wine with my husband on the roof after a long day, catching up on each other's days and just taking in the city skyline. It's an escape from the bustle for me, and I really look forward to these simple and still moments—reminders of why this city is so amazing and unique."

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