WFH Is My Life—I Wear These 8 Pieces on Repeat

Creating a capsule wardrobe takes time and after nearly two years of the "new normal," I've nailed my work-from-home clothing assortment. Anyone who has worked from home has probably experienced the same polar opposites that I have. I've spent the day in pajamas typing up a meeting brief from the couch and also gone all out sitting propped up at my desk in a tailored suit. At the beginning of this transition to a whole new way of working, I played around with these two extremes, and my experimental findings have led me to create the capsule wardrobe that I share with you today.

While dressing to impress can skyrocket my productivity on days that I need it, I've noticed that a healthy balance between formal and casual can make such a big difference. For some, that might mean the slightest upgrade of trading in your mismatch socks and overworn pajamas for a put-together matching set. This may be framed as the same level of formality by some but can still make a huge difference in how you go about your day. I've assembled a collection of workleisure outfits and the pieces that make them so great. If you are missing any of the below items, be sure to complete your capsule wardrobe by adding them to your cart. 

Loungey sets:
Workleisure outfits



Nothing makes getting ready easier than matching sets, so as you can imagine, I've stockpiled quite a few since I began working from home.

Shop the matching Nyia Cropped Button-Down Shirt ($125).

I just love that the crisp collar and wide-leg pants are tailoring-inspired.

Shop the matching Zoe Wide-Leg Pants ($180).

You won't regret this color pop.

Shop the matching Striped Knit Skirt ($59).

It's always the best time to wear a striped sweater.

Oversize button-downs:
Workleisure outfit ideas



This piece is totally Zoom-worthy for any meeting that pops up on your calendar. If I have a big virtual affair and only a few minutes to get ready, I'll throw on this and a red lip.

I've heard all of our editors buzz about this perfect white button-down shirt.

I am always searching for any way to add more neutrals to my closet.

Workleisure outfits for winter



Something about wearing a sweaterdress makes me feel all dressed up without skipping out on comfort. I call it the easy one-step process to getting ready.

Subtle cutouts are kinda our thing here at Who What Wear.

My love for patchwork lives on and on.

This belt is the perfect upgrade to my collection of knit dresses.

Cozy sweatpants:



Sweatpants don't have to be reserved just for sick days—they can easily be elevated with styling tips and tricks like a blazer, pops of color, or gold jewelry.

The fleece in these sweatpants make them extra warm and cozy. 

I always turn to Sporty & Rich when my at-home wardrobe needs something new.

When it comes to sweatpants, the classic brands have never steered me wrong. 

Shearling slippers:



I don't go a day of prancing throughout my 500-square-foot living space without wearing shearling slippers. There's no better way to feel like a princess in your castle.

This JW Anderson mule has gone viral in its leather form, so bringing them into the house is the natural next step.

Bury me in anything furry this winter.

Since Uggs are having their moment why not bring them into the house.

Preppy blazers:



Wearing a blazer doesn't have to be a formal affair. I love seeing them dressed down with baseball caps and graphic tees.

This buttery-soft leather look will easily make its way into your comfort-first wardrobe.

The studded details on this blazer wow me.

I'm looking for as many ways to add chocolate brown to my fashion color palette rn as possible.

Graphic tees:



A statement tee can bring a lot of fun and personality to an otherwise simple look. Currently, Y2K-inspired tees are having a big moment, and if you're looking for a subtle way to nod to that era, this is it.

This shirt is my cure for how much I'm missing the 2000s.

This oversize band tee also doubles as the perfect sleep shirt.

A vintage find that you'll wear for a lifetime. 

Soft as skin shorts:



A good pair of cozy shorts can take you far, from staying home in pajamas to your future beach days and lowkey outings. We're living in them.

I love taking my PJs out of the house.

Shop the matching Weekend Top ($178). 

BRB, sneaking everything from this rising brand into my shopping cart before they blow up.

Shop the matching Open Back Sweater ($133). 

This is the perfect set to wear when you know you're going to have to run out for an errand or two.