I'm an Actress, and These Are the Types of Pieces That Look Fabulous on Camera

Perveen Singh What to Wear On Camera As an Actress


Perveen Singh

Appearing on camera can inspire stage fright even in the boldest of us. Wondering what to wear for said appearance can be downright nerve-racking! As an actress whose first love was fashion, I’ve always welcomed the opportunity to find character through wardrobe, but I’m not without my missteps. (There was a feather-and-sneezing accident I’d like to pretend never happened.)

Finding an outfit to wear on camera may seem like a tricky task, but it doesn’t have to be. After putting myself on tape dozens of times this last year, I have a few tried-and-true methods for looking good onscreen. You’ve likely heard some advice (Avoid white! Prints are distracting! Red reads orange!), but the reality is there are no hard-and-fast rules. What’s key is keeping your skin tone and backdrop in mind. And even if the closest you come to acting is playing it cool when your elevator neighbor sneezes, these tips will translate to your next FaceTime or Zoom.

The main goal here is to get you feeling comfortable and confident—the rest will come naturally. So take a deep breath, and let’s get you ready for your close-up.

A Solid Tank or Tee

Never underestimate the power of a good tank or tee. I have an arsenal of four or five that I rotate between. Having a few different necklines on deck keeps things interesting.

Made from a lightweight, activewear jersey, these tanks are equally great for long days on set or WFH sessions.

Can you ever really have too many perfect white tees?

A cap sleeve is really flattering, and the mock neck looks dressy without being too formal. 

A draped neckline instantly elevates a plain black tank. Pull your hair back and show off that gorgeous bone structure!

Solids are nice and all, but maybe your tastes run bolder. This rust square-neck number has your name all over it. 

A Crisp Button-Down

If the occasion calls for something more professional, reach for one of these well-tailored shirts.

Note: While I typically gravitate towards oversized button downs, I always choose a fitted option for on-camera. 

The petite fit eliminates any need for tucking in.

The wide collar and balloon sleeves add welcome flair.

Thom Browne is the tailoring master. This impossibly crisp shirt is an investment piece, sure, but one that'll last you many wears to come.

A shirt can be well-tailored but wrinkles will undo the whole look. Keep a good steamer on hand to ensure proper pressing before wear.

A Colorful Cardigan

A burst of color looks beautiful on camera. Throw one of these cardigans over the aforementioned tanks to make an impression.

It may be too late to snag a part in the upcoming Barbie movie, but you'll still look perfectly on trend in this hot pink number. 

The cropped cut keeps it from being too blousy, and the orange will brighten you up. Plus, it's on sale!

If red's your color, give this cable cardi a whirl. 

Fitted enough that you could wear it on its own. That Kelly green is beyond.

If bright colors aren't for you, don't fret! You can still pack a subtle punch in this olive hue.

Delicate Jewelry

I love a layered jewelry look IRL but find it's best to keep accessories to a minimum onscreen. 

I like adding small hoops to frame the face anytime I wear my hair up.

The delicate crystals on these huggies had a dash of sparkle.

A thin gold choker will dress up any plain tank with minimal effort.

A thicker hoop for more drama (that won't distract).


Textured fabrics add dimension and read well on camera. 

A knit sweater is a great way to uplevel a plain tank or tee (with less detail than a cardigan). This J.Crew style comes in a ton of colors (as well as extended sizing), so there's something for every skin tone.

Metallics can be tough on camera, but this one is muted enough that it won't be distracting.

This top combines texture with a great neckline. A win in my book.

The waffle knit is so fun, and the contrast piping gives it a little something extra. 

A Hint of Pattern

Wearing pattern on camera can be a controversial topic. Finding ones that strike the right balance of fun and functional will help you stand out.

The pattern here is subtle and elegant, and the neck ruffle and tie are fun details.

I have a Staud top that's booked me tons of jobs, and I'm adding this one to my repertoire. No accessories needed.

A snakeskin spaghetti strap peeking into frame is just the right amount of sexy. 

Ganni rarely misses, and this mohair sweater is no exception. Varsity stripes will add a bit of prep (and pep) to your look without overwhelming the camera.