Everyone Owns Stan Smiths, So Try These Brands Instead

Odds are you've got a pair or two of sneakers tucked away in your closet, emblazoned with the logos of heavy-hitters in the industry: Nike, Adidas, and maybe Puma's Fenty creepers, too. The giants of sneakerdom will always hold a place in our hearts, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for the little guys. In fact, there are some super-cool indie brands bringing major style to the game, and we're taking notice.

These seven brands each inhabit their own special niches, some sleek and minimalist, others retro-inspired, but they all share one major thing in common: They're inspiring us to shake up our sneaker game. Whether you're an athleisure devotee or you're just dabbling in the sportswear world, it's easy to find a place for these game changers in your shoe collection. 

Read on for a look at the indie sneaker brands we're currently obsessing over, and shop picks from each!