Mango Has the Best Tweed Jackets in the Game RN—11 Standouts to Shop First

best tweed jackets for women


Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Some garments truly stand the test of time. Whether that's a pair of perfectly worn-in jeans or a vintage blouse from your great aunt's closet, there are certain styles that are beloved by generations, and, if you're lucky, don't require much tailoring to achieve the perfect fit. But if like me, you don't have secret treasure troves of retro designs in your relatives' closets, don't worry—there's a fabric that gives off the same vibe, no matter when it was made. That, of course, is humble tweed

This tightly woven wool textile traces its roots back to early 18th century Scotland where it was first used to make suits and coats in a variety of weaves and colors. Today, tweed comes in practically every color of the rainbow and in almost any garment imaginable. Aside from Chanel's iconic tweed jackets and matching bags, we've recently spotted tweed corsets, miniskirts, and even bucket hats on street-style stars from Paris to Pasadena.

Fortunately, tweed continues to be a mainstay among the sartorially sophisticated, which is why we were delighted to discover a variety of new styles, cuts, and colors of jackets made using this special cloth in stores now. Ahead, shop 11 of the best tweed jackets for women available today at Mango. And don't forget the coordinating skirt!

Shop Mango's Best Tweed Jackets

We love an unexpected color scheme. 

Fortunately, this ideal tweed jacket comes in four fancy colors.

The pearly jeweled buttons is what makes this jacket extra special.

Gold buttons are our go-to for all things tweed.

Obsessed with this delicate, fluttery fringe.

Okay, technically this is a cardigan, but it achieves the same look and is too perfect to not include.

A great black blazer is a must but in tweed? Even more impressive.