French Girls Were Right: This Anti-Trend Staple Is Taking Over My Closet RN



There are a lot of things French women do exceptionally well—knowing how to dress is definitely one of them. But even so, when it comes to my own personal style, I have very little in common with the "French-girl style" archetype. I prefer cargo pants to tapered denim, I like my sneakers eccentric and over-the-top as opposed to classic and white, and I own very few striped sweaters. However, there is one thing I've shamelessly borrowed from my European counterparts: tweed jackets. Admittedly, the French were right. Even someone like me, who couldn't be farther from prim-and-proper style, has taken to wearing them nonstop.

A tweed jacket adds sophistication to my denim and trousers effortlessly, and its ability to be worn as a top when buttoned up (as opposed to worn open like a cardigan) reduces my need to think harder about what I'm wearing. Although the piece feels quintessential Chanel, several other brands have their own versions that spice up the French-girl staple. Below, I've rounded up all of the tweed jackets I'm considering buying this very minute as well as some outfit inspiration. Consider me a convert. 

How fashion people are wearing tweed jackets:



French girls love tailored denim. And with a tweed jacket, it's a tried-and-true outfit formula.



Aritizia's take on the classic piece is one of my favorites thus far. I also bought this in cream.



Another popular way to wear it? Along with a matching miniskirt. Throw on stockings and ballet flats for a complete look.



It doesn't get more timeless than a palette of black and white.



The picture single-handedly started my obsession.

Shop the piece:

Coral isn't a color you see every day, so it's definitely worth the buy.

It's a bit pricey but worth every penny.

Just a warning—this is almost sold out.

Now, all that's left is to book your brunch at The Plaza.

For that authentic French-girl flair, look no further than Sandro.

When I want to look like I own the place, I know to turn to Self-Portrait.

It's very clear the trim is the star of the show.

This is how grungy girls do tweed. Style this with baggy cargos.

Style this with a white turtleneck and high-waisted jeans.

On my fashion wish list, an Alessandra Rich jacket is literally in my top five.