Joan Smalls Wore the Trendy Dad Brand You Should Buy Before It Sells Out

Two things that probably aren't going to be much of a thing this fall and winter: dressing up and socializing indoors. Given that, our shopping habits have drastically changed for the time being, and that includes what brands and types of items we're likely to be shopping for as the temperatures chill. 

For her arrival at the Milan airport for MFW this week, model Joan Smalls opted for a comfortable outfit formula that will certainly be recreated by many in the coming months. For the long haul flight, Smalls wore a hoodie, slouchy jeans, sneakers, and the all-important subject of this story: a The North Face vest. Yes, the same The North Face your dad loves.

The North Face started gaining in popularity among celebrities (such as Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner, and Kim Kardashian) and the fashion crowd last winter, and retailers like Nordstrom couldn't keep items like the 1996 Puffer Jacket in stock. Not only that, Gucci just teased an upcoming collaboration with the brand. We have a hunch that the casual, classic, outdoorsy brand is only going to be even more of a thing this year, now that casual, comfortable, and outdoors are things everything is considering when shopping for clothes.

With that, keep scrolling to see how Joan Smalls styled her men's vest and shop our favorite The North Face items on the market.


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