Strapless-Bra Season Is Here, and These 7 Are Worth Your Boobs' Time


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When it comes to lingerie, there's almost nothing harder to find than a perfect strapless bra. I can't count the number of times I've sworn them off after spending an embarrassing evening hoisting them up (not chic) at weddings and other fancy 'dos. But when you want to wear your favorite off-the-shoulder dress, what are the lingerie options?

Now, you could just say go braless, but if you're not exactly small-chested, this can pose a problem, not to mention it can leave you with quite the backache. The only other option? Thanks to the abundance of shoulder-baring tops and low-back dresses around right now, I decided to go on a mission to find a decent strapless bra that would fit me without any embarrassing moments.


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I visited some of the biggest and most trusted lingerie shops to see what would fit me and what would stay put. Before all that, however, I also spoke to one lingerie expert on how to find the correct strapless bra. Eloise Rigby owns The Pantry Underwear shop in Islington, which caters to cups from A to K and is launching the first underwear department in Liberty. She gave me a few helpful rules to stick to.

1. Go for one back size smaller than usual. Without shoulder straps, cups are only supported by the back strap, so this needs enough pull to keep the cups in place. To compensate, you'll (probably) need to go up a cup size.

2. Start on the loosest set of hooks. This will ensure the longest life from the bra, so you can move inward as the back strap stretches.

3. To check if a size works, pop an arm behind your back, and use the thumb to pull the strap outward. You should be able to pull it back only half an inch with resistance for a strapless bra.

4. You also want to make sure the cups aren't gaping at the top of the breast. And, depending on the style of the central section of the bra, the wires that meet in the middle should be sitting flat.

Ready to shop strapless bras? Keep scrolling for the best that won't fall down.

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