I'm Starting to Dress Up Again, and These Going-Out Tops Are All I Want to Wear


@devonleecarlson, @anaasaber

For the better part of a year, anything sparkly, silky, or cropped was shoved to the deepest depths of my closet. After all, do you really need fancy, sparkly fabrics when your main daily destination is your couch? This month (whether it was from sheer excitement from getting my vaccine or seeing all of the Instagram girls slowly emerge in cool non-sweatpants outfits), I've rediscovered my love for going-out tops.

After endlessly scrolling through all of my favorite shops and social media accounts, I found an exquisite batch of fancy tops you'll definitely want to put on your radar. All of the season's big trends are accounted for here: From saucy cutouts to floss tops and the revealing halter micro-trend, you'll find a taste of everything the fashion set can't stop wearing.

I don't have any imminent party plans, but just know that when the time is right, I'll be ready. If you too can't stop thinking about your post-lockdown fits, read ahead to check out all of the going-out tops for a stylish reemergence. Bonus: Everything is under $100.

A top that's sure to get the party started. 

If you're looking for something a tad more muted, shoulder cutouts are fun without being too loud.

I was really surprised to find out this top is only $50. It looks so expensive.

Once a thing of the past, halter tops are really dominating this season.

The black sheer paneling would look exceptionally amazing with leather pants. 

Pro-tip: The neck-tie is adjustable so it can be used as a headband, a necklace, or any other way you please.

I've seen similar printed corsets for at least triple the price.

A top that easily transitions between daytime hangouts and nighttime festivities. 

I'm really into the easy-going, beachy vibe.

It's the summer of Pucci-inspired prints, so here's your chance to jump aboard its renaissance. 

The organza adds another beautiful dimension. 

Use this top to add a bit of shine to all of your denim.

Style this one with a pair of cargo pants for a twist on the Gen-Z look.

Ruching continues to be a big trend this season, and we love how this top is covered up yet seductive all at the same time.

A little back detail for a grand exit.

Going-out tops don't always have to be cropped. Here's a beautiful satin one that's perfect for modest dressers. 

I've been going gaga over this top since it first came out. 

We talked about spotting the ruched ring micro-trend, and now, as predicted, it's one on the rise. 

If you're looking for something effortless, here's a winner.

Other than its colorful sweaters, the fashion-girl favorite also makes a darn good special occasion top.

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