I Found All the Best Shapewear Leggings That Have Top Reviews


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There’s no denying the grip that a good pair of leggings has had on my wardrobe over the last few months. I practically live in them at this point, and I have the ever-growing collection to show for it. But there are days when I want my leggings to do just a little more than be supremely comfortable. Enter shapewear leggings. And because I don't buy anything that hasn't been recommended to me, I rounded up the best shapewear leggings, according to real-life reviews written by the people who swear by them.

And no, I don’t mean ultra-constricting pairs that make you feel like you can’t breathe and are more akin to actual shapewear than to something that you would want to wear around your house or for hours on end. Instead, all of these top-rated leggings are designed to be something of a happy medium to wear on days when you want to look a little more sculpted. I rounded up a complete list of the internet's top picks, from classic compression-style options to others that are just made to hold you in during the most high-intensity workouts in your regimen.

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