6 Stylish Moms on the Postpartum Leggings They Lived In

When I was pregnant, my maternity leggings were on heavy rotation in my daily wardrobe. They were comfy, stretchy, supportive, and a good alternative (that I could actually wear out) to my husband’s cotton briefs (which is all I wanted to live in after work and on the weekends at home). But what I didn’t realize is that after I had my baby, I’d also benefit greatly from a supportive pair of control-top, compression leggings to see me through a time when my body was still changing immensely; when I didn’t want anything to irritate sensitive areas; and when I wanted a pant option—while in between sizes—that were flattering and comfortable (because there was no way I was attempting to put on a pair of jeans).

Most postpartum leggings have high control-top waists and compression features that help smooth bulges and provide support for post-baby bellies. They also tend to be extremely soft and comfortable—perfect for everything from lounging to strolling to napping to healing.

Curious to see the best postpartum leggings out there, I tapped seven stylish moms to share the leggings they loved and lived in after giving birth. Scroll below to see their top picks.

Stephanie Liu Hjelmeseth, @honeynsilk



"These are the only leggings I wore after having a baby—and I bought three pairs to rotate through. They are insanely soft and supportive!"

Geri Hirsch, @gerihirsch



"I lived in my Beyond Yoga maternity leggings through pregnancy and postpartum. They are the softest, coziest leggings I’ve ever put on, and the extra fabric up top gave me the much-needed support for my bump while carrying and afterward while healing."

Rachel Zeilic, @rachelzeilic



"For postpartum and early pregnancy, I loved these leggings because the lace-up at the top made them adjustable around the belly area without looking like maternity leggings."

"And another thing I didn't think I needed but bought on a whim then used so much were maternity bike shorts. So useful for when it's a little too hot to wear leggings or for underneath dresses that get too short around that time, etc. I recommend getting maternity leggings/shorts without a seam under the belly. Then, they don't look like maternity ones—they just give a bit of extra coverage over the tummy."

Morgan White, @expecting_grey



“When it came to my postpartum recovery, one of the best pieces of advice my grandmother gave me was, ‘If you don't have anything else in your hospital bag, make sure you have a girdle.’ Yes, I know it may sound bizarre, but after giving birth, your body just feels all over the place. Having the Serendipity Compression Legging from Glowe allowed me to recover faster and more comfortably. Because let's face it: The snapback is important!”

Jacey Duprie, @jaceyduprie



"These are hands down my all-time-favorite leggings to sleep in and wear around the house. They are light enough to keep you cool and the most comfortable thing I own. Also, super affordable!"

"The Restore Leggings have been in my closet for years. After becoming a mom, I value pockets more than ever before. I'm constantly needing to put my phone in my pocket when carrying June around the house, and it's a great spot to stash pacifiers!"

Jennifer Camp Forbes, @lefashion



"As a mom of a newborn and toddler, comfort reigns supreme when it comes to my personal style, which is why these black leggings are an everyday favorite. I wore them throughout my pregnancy, and they've transitioned seamlessly into this postpartum phase. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they're also super easy to clean, go with everything, and have a high-waist design that offers great belly coverage when breastfeeding. I highly recommend getting the two-pack."

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