I'm 7 Months Pregnant and Can't Stop Wearing These Breezy Maternity Dresses

I am 31 weeks pregnant, and it’s currently 90 degrees out. Anyone who has gone through pregnancy will know that these two figures are not exactly the best of pals. I already feel like a scorching furnace in the best of air-conditioned rooms thanks to an increase in blood volume, hormonal shifts, and metabolic changes. But add the sweltering summer heat to the mix and you can see why I really just want to be naked all the time. I have a full-time job, so sadly this is not an option. I have, however, come up with some cool and chic sartorial solutions to get me through my last few months of pregnancy in comfort and style.

First off, I have ditched my only two pairs of maternity jeans for a daily rotation of easy, breezy, and effortless dresses. Each one serves a purpose. This gorgeous Dôen frock (which is not maternity by the way, but parents-to-be love the brand) is perfect for easy-going warm-weather weekends. This silky navy ruffle dress and white tea dress are polished yet practical for long days at the office. And how about this très chic floral frock for evenings out or special occasions? Scroll below for the maternity dresses I’m living in this summer, and if you’re pregnant through this heat, I’m sending a never-ending abundance of cool air your way!