I Don't Mess Around When It Comes to Outerwear—I Love These Jackets and Coats



As a New Yorker, I can say that coats are an essential part of my wardrobe. New York is my favorite city, and I love living here, but one thing that didn’t attract me to the Big Apple was the weather. I’m not going to lie—sometimes the winters can be brutal. Walking to the subway can feel like walking miles instead of feet, the sun sets at 4 p.m., and going out sounds less and less appealing. However, there are some magical things that NYC has to offer to pick up our spirits, for instance, ice skating with friends in Central Park, having happy hours in cozy wine bars, holiday parties, the lights and decorations that make you feel like an extra in holiday rom-com on your walk to get coffee. 

So it’s not all bad. But bundling up is still a must, and there are so many options out there when it comes to buying a new coat. Do you go with a double-breasted wool coat or a classic puffer? Are you into a bold, statement winter jacket, or are you more of a neutral-outwear person? Whatever you’re looking for, I’ve rounded up 30 jackets that are so good I almost didn’t want to share. 

Keep scrolling to see the 30 outerwear pieces I’m drooling over.

I'm loving this teddy puffer combo. 

A good faux fur is a must.

For those of us who love oversize. 

This jacket is everything, trust me. 

A biker jacket is always a good idea. 

I wore an Alpinestars jacket to a party and got so many compliments. It's such a cool jacket. 

This jacket makes me want to go to London. 

Can't stop thinking about this jacket.