I'm a Fashion Editor Based in NYC—I See These Winter Looks at Least Once a Day

Winter in New York is no walk in the park. I know this from experience, firstly because I grew up in Chicago and know what a brutal winter looks (and feels) like, and secondly because I've experienced my fair share in New York over the last five years. Really, the only way to get through it is to dress the part, which I've only been able to do because I study those around me who all seem to do it with ease. 

New York City is full of savvy dressers who always make looking good appear easy even in the worst weather situations, whether it's 98ºF in August and the humidity reads 80% or a 10ºF one that, according to AccuWeather, feels like -1ºF. New Yorkers are simply built different, and it shows when you look to the streets (on a freezing-cold winter day especially). With plenty of them to come this season, I've already started scanning my surroundings for winter outfit inspiration. And just like the last five winters, my neighbors didn't disappoint. 

Keep scrolling to see the winter street style I see daily in NYC. 

What you'll need: Pea Coat + Midi Denim Skirt + Balaclava + Knee-High Boots

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This coat is #1 on my winter wish list. 

I've sent this skirt to maybe 10 people this week alone. 

The cozier alternative to beanies. 

Don't sleep on Zara's boot offering. I've had pairs for more than five years. 

What you'll need: White Turtleneck + Cream Padded Jacket + Matching Cargo Pants

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Thin turtlenecks are layering essentials for winter. 

This price is quite near impossible to beat. 

What you'll need: Blanket Coat + Cropped T-Shirt + Black Jeans + Lug-Sole Boots

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There's a reason why Lauren Manoogian makes this coat season after season: it's pure luxury. 

Anyone who owns a pair of Ribcage jeans will tell you that they're impeccable—guaranteed. 

What you'll need: Chunky Turtleneck + Distressed Leather Jacket + Cargo Pants + Sporty Sneakers

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If you've been trying to hunt down a distressed leather jacket that's not over $1000, I've just found the perfect one. 

I want to hibernate in this knit all winter long. 

I own a pair of these and get more compliments on them than any other pair of pants in my wardrobe. 

What you'll need: Oversize Trench Coat + Hoodie + Tailored Pants

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This coat looks even more expensive IRL than it does online. 

Every person needs a groutfit for winter. No questions asked. 

These feel like sweatpants but look like trousers (aka everything we've ever wanted). 

New York Winter Street Style



What you'll need: Brightly Colored, Fur-Trim Leather Trench Coat + Disco Pants + Loafers

This coat lives rent-free in my brain. 

These are far more wearable than you might think. I'd know, as I own two pairs. 

If you already own one too many pairs of flat loafers, this heeled style is next.

New York Winter Street Style



What you'll need: Distressed Leather Jacket + Midi Skirt + Thick Socks + Loafers

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Zara mens is a haven for distressed leather jackets. 

Vince has the best slip skirts, period. 

It doesn't get more classic than a pair of leather penny loafers.

What you'll need: Moto Jacket + Cashmere Sweater + Pinstripe Puddle Pants + Pointed-Toe Mules

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I can't believe this moto jacket is just $60. 

Anyone who has one J.Crew cashmere sweater has many J.Crew cashmere sweaters.

Belts are having a moment right now. 

New York Winter Street Style



What you'll need: Rainbow Blanket Scarf + Waterproof Trench Coat + Khaki Pants + Pointed-Toe Boots

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Just wait—by December, this scarf will be everywhere again.

This will be in your wardrobe forever. 

These could be $800+ and I wouldn't think twice. 

Yes, you can wear heels in the snow—if you dare. Just pick a pair with thick heels that'll keep you balanced and sturdy. 

New York Winter Street Style



What you'll need: Brightly Colored Sweater + Neutral Puddle Pants + Clogs + Maxi Wool Coat

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How gorgeous is this sweater-vest? I'm personally obsessed. 

The strong shoulders on this coat are beyond chic.

Clogs work for every season, winter especially when paired with thick, cozy socks. 

New York Winter Street Style



What you'll need: Shearling Jacket + Midi Skirt + Tall Platform Boots

Midi skirts paired with knee-high boots is an unbeatable combo. 

These are next-level good. If you don't buy them, I will.