Party Season Is Upon Us, and These 29 Dresses Are All I Can Think About

best holiday dresses for party season


@greceghanem; Pictured: Mango Crystal Gown ($400)

These days, it seems like I spend half of my time in a dress. With a calendar full of various holiday events—from large-scale fashion parties to small gatherings with friends—this month has been a never-ending roller coaster of social soirées. It takes a lot of shopping and outfit coordination to come out each time with a thrilling look, but I also get a little help from my collection of dresses

It's been said before, but a dress is the definition of a sartorial shortcut. Sure, you need to find the right boots and accessories to complement it, but that certainly beats dreaming up an entire outfit from scratch. For my holiday wardrobe, I've been rotating through a selection of cheerful and elevated power dresses that steal the show every time. Read ahead to see my Rolodex of compliment-inducing dresses, from magnificent minis to pretty printed pieces, and how the fashion set is styling them.

Okay, Mango, you win with this one.

It's you—you're the gift.

This couldn't be any more winter 2022 if it tried.

Pro tip: Silk is one of those fabrics that photographs extremely well. You wouldn't regret wearing this little '90s number.

This comes pretty close to holiday-party perfection.

The emerging brand I want to wear to every party on my calendar.

Party season could be your last chance to tap into 2022's biggest color trend.

The best-selling top now comes as a tube dress. You know what to do.

Velvet can quickly turn cliché, but somehow, this corseted minidress strikes the right note.

All the It girls are wearing these sheer crystal dresses right now. 

This Scandi brand makes some of my favorite party pieces that are also relatively affordable, so there's no surprise that its holiday offering is equally exciting.

Black tights and pointed-toe pumps would complete this understated-cool look.

There are so many good LBDs right now it was hard to choose just a few.

Covered up but still the center of attention.

For anyone feeling particularly brave, this is a moment.

Pair with crystal earrings for maximum impact.