My 60-Year-Old Mom Dreams of These Designer Bags—I Think These 5 Are Worth It

My mother, Nancy, like me, believes that it's the accessories that truly make an outfit, well, an outfit. While she often sticks to more basic clothing that fits within the classic style she's been honing in on for years, she tends to, as she puts it, "spice things up" with her extras—especially her handbags. While she's invested in a few designer bags over the years that have definitely withheld their cost-per-wear value, there are a few other silhouettes she's dreamt about owning.

Naturally, I gave feedback on said styles when she listed them off to me. For the most part, I was on board with each designer handbag pick she covets because they're timeless, and although my mom is 60, would work for anyone at any age. But I wanted to take my insight one step further and provide my mom with some insider intel on the bags that I not only think are worth it from a style perspective but could hold their resale value as well (making them an even better investment). To obtain this info, I went straight to an expert—Charles Gorra, CEO and co-founder of handbag resale giant, Rebag. He confirmed with me five of the It handbag styles my mom and I love that truly hold their value.

Keep scrolling to uncover the said designer bags, complete with notes on why mom covets, along with the insights from Gorra. Plus, shop the pre-owned styles, along with other must-have bags worth considering that would work for anyone at any age (because you should wear whatever you love—no matter the year you were born).

And while my mom clearly won't be dropping cash on all of the bags in question, she did mention to me that she's interested in saving her money to invest in one of the silhouettes to become her new go-to. Hint: It's the Louis Vuitton beauty below.

Chanel Flap Bag

Why Invest in a Chanel Flap Bag


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Nancy's Notes: "I'm not sure I'd actually be able to afford a Chanel bag like this, but it certainly is a dream bag. So classy and chic."

Gorra's Notes: "The Chanel Classic Double Flap, which resells for 70%–90% of its original retail value, depending on the size, leather, and hardware combination. Not only has this bag remained iconic, but its limited availability, especially in classic color and hardware combinations means that Chanel can alter how they retail this model with little repercussions. For the last several years, the price has increased annually, causing the demand for it on the resale market to increase as well."

Louis Vuitton Favorite Bag

Why Invest in a Louis Vuitton Famous Bag


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Nancy's Notes: "I love a crossbody bag for functionality purposes. I have a larger style, but I like that this flap one is a bit smaller, but will hold the essentials."

Gorra's Notes: "Its name alone should tell you how much LV fans love this bag. It’s a simply designed flap bag with two strap options for versatility and functionality and is available in two sizes. Louis Vuitton is often sold out of this model at their retail stores, meaning buyers must look to resellers to purchase it."

*Note: The Favorite bags are currently sold out on Rebag, but we found a few chic alternatives

Lady Dior Bag

Why Invest In a Lady Dior Bag


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Nancy's Notes: "I've always adored this sophisticated Dior bag when I spot celebrities wearing it. It's so elegant."

Gorra's Notes: "With the long-lasting trend of miniature bags, it is not surprising to see this sell well. The Lady Dior has been around since the 1990s, having been renamed from the Chou Chou to the Lady Dior for Lady Diana. Dior has taken the opportunity to combine modern hardware and versatility with the trends of nostalgia and minute stature to update the classic piece to It-bag status."

Goyard Saint Louis Bag

Why Invest in a Goyard tote


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Nancy's Notes: "I love the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag as well, but when I see people with this one—especially out and about or at the airport—it just feels so classic."

Gorra's Notes: "The Goyard Saint Louis is a truly elusive bag. Goyard does not offer this bag for purchase in its stores; you must order it and have it delivered, something that takes up to four weeks. They have one of each of the available colors and sizes in their stores, keeping in mind they might not have all available options on hand if they are out of stock, so buyers will need to go to resellers to find the right color and size combination."

Dior Book Tote

Why Invest in a Dior Book Tote


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Nancy's Notes: "I've been seeing this structured tote more and more. Again, like all of these, this would definitely be a splurge and an investment, but I like the cloth material for travel and life in general."

Gorra's Notes: "Recently, Christian Dior has brought back their 'Dior' printed canvas which was previously known as Diorissimo. Not only is this tote incredibly functional, spacious, and chic, it also brings back a sense of nostalgia—a major trend this year. Since the Book Tote was released, it has flown off the shelves making it harder to find in stores which, in turn, hikes up its price on the resale market."

Wear this fashion-person favorite It bag as a clutch or a crossbody.

A new timeless style you'll use for years and years.

Just in case you still want to hop on the itsy-bitsy mini-bag trend.

The canvas material makes this stunner the ideal spring or summer go-to.

The half-moon shape is quite forward.