My Mom Just Turned 62 and Is Trying These 6 Trends to Up Her Style Game


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My mother, Nancy, recently turned 62. (HBD, mom). As someone who's into fashion—favoring uncomplicated trends to work within the classic wardrobe, she's been curating for decades and sharpening her style over time. And she mentioned to me that she wants to use this big moment in her life to venture a bit out of her sartorial comfort zone. Now, she doesn't want to completely switch up her timeless vibe (it's her personal style, after all), but she is rather curious about how some of the latest forward trends could, as she put it,"up her style gam" at the moment.

So on one of our many frequent phone calls (I legit speak to her three times per day), we set aside a good chunk of our convo to discuss trends. I basically rattled off some of the key looks fashion girls are wearing these days, and she stopped me when something piqued her interest as a relatable yet stylish look that could work in her day-to-day life in Wisconsin.

In the end, she boiled it down to six key trends that she's eager to try. Of course, all of the pieces in question could work for anyone at any age (because the year you were born has nothing to do with what you should wear), but for Nancy, these are the items she wants to test out to "look as chic as ever at 60”

So with all that in mind, keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping inspiration—along with Nancy's notes on each trend as well.


1. Slouchy Blazers
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Nancy’s notes: "I’ve been wanting a casual blazer I can wear all the time without it looking like I’m wearing a suit. I think adding a not-so-fitted blazer into my standard jeans-and–white tee look could turn my style around.”


2. Balloon-Sleeve Tops
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Nancy’s notes: "I’ve been experimenting with flouncier sweaters and tops recently, and I am starting to buy even more knits with the balloon-sleeve details because I think the look is very flattering.”


3. Alternative Trousers
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Nancy’s notes: "Part of my issue is that I tend to keep it safe. For example, if I get a new denim jacket, I’ll just wear it with the same old black pants. I’d like to try different kinds of trousers that have a pattern or a different texture to make my outfits feel a bit more special.”


4. Stylish Flats
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Nancy’s notes: "To be honest, I’ve never really known how to wear flats. I know that sounds silly, but I was just never sure about which style is best. I’d like to try either the mule-type flats or sleek pointed silhouettes this year.” Fun fact, she's actually interested in investing in a pair of designer shoes, so I told her to check out Italist for amazing discounts on designer finds.


5. Bold Outerwear
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Nancy’s notes: "I have more classic style, so I often wear black wool coats or puffers if it’s super cold. I’d like to test out one of the more colorful and statement coats this season. It seems like a simple way to look current and cool.”


6. Cropped Jeans
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Nancy’s notes: "Okay, I get it; cropped jeans aren’t a new trend. But I’ve been wanting to try them for a while now to show off my new leopard ankle boots. I wasn’t sure what to go for—whether it’s a cropped skinny style or something else—but I think the straight fits are best for me.”

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