I Wear Leggings 5 Times a Week—Here's What I Recommend

I’m very into working out, which is well documented on my Instagram. Whether I’m headed on a hike up to Griffith Park in L.A., going to a class at Y7 or Body by Simone, or hitting the gym, I try to squeeze in workouts at least five days each week. What all of this means is that I spend a substantial amount of time wearing leggings and workout gear.

Over time, I’ve tested out a number of activewear brands, but right now I find myself slipping into pieces from JoyLab more than anything else. Not only are the fits great, but the pieces also hit at the right price point. All of the items I own range from just $17 to $35 but have the quality and wearability of much more expensive pieces I’ve worn. I swear by the high-rise leggings but also love that the sports bras and crop tops are designed to make matching sets, if you’re in the market for that. Ahead, shop some of the JoyLab leggings and matching sets I’ve been wearing for all of my recent workouts.