9 of the Best Leggings for Petite Women, According to Customer Reviews

Shopping for clothes is no easy feat, and when you're shorter (or taller) than the "standard," it becomes even more difficult. Luckily, more and more brands are focusing on size-inclusive pieces, which makes finding staples that won't need alterations all the more likely. But that doesn't mean it won't take a bit of searching…

That's where we come in—we love scouring the net and reading real customer reviews to find the best styles. Today's focus: the best leggings for petite women. The good news? Retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon have a sizable offering that not only come with affordable price tags but also have rave reviews.

Ready to see our findings? Below, see the 10 best leggings for petite women, according to petite women.

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1. Woman Within

"They're a little loose, but that just means I can actually dry them. They're not see through AT ALL, which is amazing, and the petite is a great change of pace from needing to alter everything due to my size and shortness. I got the black and charcoal, and am very satisfied with my purchase. The only thing that could make them any better is for them to put some sort of control top."

"I've ordered these in the past and am very pleased with the way they fit and wash. I wear petites, and it's usually hard to find comfortable capris. I ordered two this time and will order again when needed."


"I've been looking for petite length leggings for a long time. Either the length or fabric just wasn't great. Purchased these due to the ratings given by previous purchasers. They're great. They seem snug pulling them on, but once on, they feel good and look good. Great quality, and the fabric is not thin. I'd definitely recommend them, even with the price being higher. In this case, I think you get what you pay for."

3. Vince Camuto

"It's always hard to find leggings that fit my frame. I'm petite and on the heavier side. These leggings are amazing! If they had more colors, I'd buy them all. Super comfy and not see-through."

4. Lands' End

"They fit nicely. I washed them before wearing, stretched them, and air-dried them; they're perfect!"

5. Starter

"If you're a short as I am and tired of rolling up your leggings, definitely consider these! These fit like a regular pair of leggings on someone of average height. The compression is medium without being stifling (I prefer my pants a bit snug). My first pair of Lululemon leggings came in on the same day, and while these aren't as buttery soft (I mean, c'mon), these are great in their own right. Perfect for short gals going to class/the gym, lounging at home, or running errands."

6. Liverpool

"It's difficult to find leggings that don't look baggy when you're short. The material is thicker than the average leggings, so it feels like they hold you in a bit. They're so sleek and cute. I'm able to wear them at work as well. I ordered a size 2 petite, and they fit perfectly."

7. Core 10

"Love these workout leggings! I'd put them in line with Lululemon leggings in terms of quality and feel. These are super flattering, and the 7/8 length is a perfect ankle length for petite women. Although I own these and the petite full-length ones, I like these much better than the petite full-length ones, since the full-length one has a zipper that can be uncomfortable to have around the ankle."

8. Daily Ritual

"The fabric of these leggings is great! Not too thick, but thick enough for fall/winter wear/layering! The waistband is high enough to create a great, flattering fit. The size I chose worked perfectly. The length is perfect for petite ladies. I'm going to buy a few more pairs of these in various colors for my wardrobe. So glad to find leggings that feel and look like quality pants."

9. Roamans

"Love them! I'm petite and plus size, which can be a difficult combination in clothes shopping. These capris are so soft and comfy, perfect length, and great fit."

Next up, the best leggings for tall women.

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