5 Types of Leggings Every College Girl Needs

best leggings for college



As every college girl knows, leggings are a wardrobe staple, but they're not one of those one-pair-fits-all basics. We narrowed the vast array of the staple down to five different types of leggings that are appropriate for everything a college student's life entails. Within this five-piece legging wardrobe, there are options you can exercise in, wear out at night, throw on for class, and even dress up for your internship. And luckily, brands are stocking more leggings than ever these days, so finding your perfect pair shouldn't be difficult.

Even though the comfy activewear trend reigns supreme among millennials, gone are the days when wearing pajamas to class was the norm. College fashion girls want to look polished and cool wherever they go, and we couldn't think of a better way to achieve both polish and comfort than with leggings. That said, keep scrolling to find out the five types of leggings every college girl should own, and shop our picks.

Full-Length Athletic

Cover up during cold-weather workouts with a sleek pair of full-length leggings.


These stylish fashion girl–approved options will be your saviors for busy days of classes, long study sessions, and exam weeks.


Leather leggings, whether genuine or faux, will be your go-to for nights out. 

Cropped Athletic

Full-length leggings can feel a bit suffocating for warm-weather workouts, so be sure to have a cropped pair on hand. 


These trouser-legging hybrids are the best type of leggings to wear to an internship, a first date, or even a job interview.

Available in sizes L to 3XL.

Consider your collegiate legging wardrobe complete. 

This story originally posted on an earlier date and has been updated.