7 Real Girls With the Prettiest Engagement Rings

There’s perhaps nothing better than hearing an adorable engagement story and, of course, checking out the jaw-dropping jewels that come with it. And while we’ve had our fun scoping out celebrity engagement rings and cool fashion insiders whose left hands are worth taking notice, we’re now looking at a few of our favorite everyday real girls who have a seriously good engagement ring to share.

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Madeline Sensibile

“My ring symbolizes major girl power. It was actually my nana’s, Ethel Gilliam, who was from Murfreesboro, Arkansas. She grew up with next to nothing and never spent money on herself. My papa also grew up with next to nothing in a similar Arkansas town, so when it came time to propose, spending big amounts of money on a ring just wasn’t in his repertoire, so much so that he didn’t bother to buy a ring. Period. She ended up having to buy this ring herself (which was beyond unheard of in the ’50s). It’s a gorgeous diamond with a one-of-a-kind setting that will always remind me of her against-the-grain power and confidence.”


Paige Early

“My grandmother willed her wedding ring to my mother, and after meeting my (now) husband, my mom decided early on that she would give the diamond to him when he was ready. My husband picked out a gorgeous, timeless setting that is everything I could ask for, and it means so much more in that it represents the deep love my grandparents had for each other as well.”

“Like every girl, I went to Pinterest to search for the perfect ring. I always knew I wanted something a little different, and was in love with yellow-gold rings. This vintage aquamarine ring caught my eye in a big way, and my then boyfriend got tipped off (probably by me). He went and got me my very own ring designed, and I couldn’t have been more stoked about it. Instead of aquamarine, the jeweler recommended a sapphire since it is a much stronger stone. They found the lightest stone they could find, surrounded it with some cute little shiny diamonds, and set it in a beautiful yellow-gold ring. I’ve been wearing it for three years now, and I love it, and him, more each day.”


Lauren Bell

“There was so much love that went into designing my ring, which made me love it even more.”


Jessica Kraus

“My fiancé and I have been together for six years, and he recently proposed with a ring he designed himself. Six side stones for each of the years we have been together. It is absolutely perfect for me.”


Rachael Clark

“My now husband sketched and designed my ring alongside a jeweler so that the ring would be uniquely just for me. He handpicked and purchased the oval center stone and designed the setting, which consists of a fleur-de-lis, my all-time favorite symbol, two infinity signs symbolizing our love and commitment, and finally three granulations that adorn the infinity signs and the fleur-de-lis. The best part about it, though, was that he captured the entire processes by writing an entry in a leather journal each day he worked on the ring. After he proposed, I could read all about my ring and understand his thought process behind the piece of art.”


Lauren Dauer

“I wanted something that was timeless, very elegant, and delicate. I especially love the dainty band and the diamond detailing on the side. He surprised me with exactly what I wanted in the most perfect way.”


This channel-set ring is so rustically beautiful.

Trust us, no one else will have a ring like this.

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