I Wear Boots More Than Any Other Shoes—33 Pairs I'd Buy Right This Second

I'm a fashion editor, so loving boots pretty much comes with the job. That said, my obsession with the shoe style goes above and beyond what's considered normal in my field. For starters, I wear them—specifically knee-high styles, though I'm open to all varieties—all year long, no matter how humid or hot New York City tends to get in the late summer. Then there's the bit about me wearing them inside almost every single day during lockdown just to pretend I was going somewhere worthy.

All this is to say that there's nothing I love more than when, come early fall, all the best footwear brands drop their new boot collections. And since September is quickly approaching, that sweet spot is happening right now. Given that I'll be shopping them all anyways, I thought I'd go ahead and round up all of the boots that I'm most excited about for fall, from Western styles to knee-highs and everything in between.

H&M doesn't release a ton of footwear, but when it does, they sell out fast (like really fast). Don't let the same thing happen to these before you get your hands on a pair.

The sock boot is back, and for $80, you can own this incredibly chic pair. 

So we all need a pair of these, no? 

This is the perfect shaft height for cropped pants

These are proof that boots don't need a high heel to be chic. 

Pair these with straight-leg white jeans and a matching tee. 

If you haven't spotted these on your Instagram feed yet, you will soon. They're everywhere. 

These look far more expensive than they really are. 

If you've been a fan of this year's platform trend, you'll love this iconic pair from Brother Vellies. 

The fact that these boots are on sale—and still in stock—is shocking to me. 

This buttery-yellow pair is truly stunning.

I got these in black last fall and have worn them an innumerable amount of times. 

This slim-fit boot is so chic and simple. 

The Rosa mules were everywhere last spring, but I'm predicting the boot version will get even more attention come fall.

The perfect boots to keep by your door for when you need to slip out at a moment's notice. 

If you haven't heard of Flattered, I suggest checking out its boot selection ASAP.

These have been a fan favorite for years now.