It's Still August, But These Boots Are Already on My Wish List

It’s no secret among my friends, colleagues, and relatives that I kind of have a thing for boots. Aside from being my favorite category of shoes to buy and wear, they might just be my favorite fashion item period.  So, it would come as no surprise to someone such as my husband that on a hot and humid August day like today, I’m already thinking about the pairs I’m eyeing for when the temperatures drop come fall. However, I thought that I would give you that little bit of context in case this was all news to you.

Now, back to the real topic at hand—the fall boots I cannot help but already covet. From sleek to chunky, black to brown to beige, there are more styles on my many wish lists than I could ever possibly snag for myself, but I’ve decided to share them all anyway. After all, just because I can’t have them doesn’t mean someone else can’t and, when it comes to options, I’m definitely a more is more kind of shopper and figured you might be too. So, without further ado, just keep scrolling to see and, of course, shop all of my boot picks—so far—for the coming season.

This favorite from last year will definitely be making a comeback this season.

Just add a midi dress.

When winter weather comes, the owner of these boots will be stylishly prepared.

Fun-fact: These inspired this story.

You don't see black snake print often, and I can't seem to understand why.

I've been eyeing these for a while and this markdown might just be my excuse to pounce.

This under-$200 pair looks well worth the price tag.

Square toes make such a difference.

I'm very into this exaggerated sole.

Grey is trending for fall and these are the perfect way to incorporate the color into your wardrobe.

If it's not clear already, I'm betting on chunky boots (again) this fall.

Isabel Marant never fails to produce a fresh, western-inspired boot season after season.

A little outside my comfort zone but I just couldn't help myself.

Block heels like this give me some much-needed height without sacrificing comfort.

Word on the street is that these are extremely comfortable and I think it's pretty obvious why.

These will look just as good with dresses and skirts as they will with jeans and trousers.

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