Our Fall Must-Haves: The Top 17 Pairs of Boots We're Adding to Cart


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I'll admit that I just bought another pair of sandals last night (sorry, these end-of-summer sales are hard to resist). But I am now mentally ready to move on to boot shopping, especially since September is right around the corner. In my experience, all of the best boots start to sell out by October, so even though it's still 100 degrees outside, the ideal time to start shopping for new boots is now.

Naturally, the best way to kickstart my fall boot shopping is to consult my fellow Who What Wear editors. I was smart to do so, as they have some excellent boot recommendations up their sleeves. Below, you'll find some of our favorite new boots for fall 2023, all of which have plenty of stock available (which probably won't be the case in a month).

Scroll on to start your fall boot shopping along with us.


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Bobby's picks:


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Anna's picks:


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Jasmine's picks:


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Yusra's picks:


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Allyson's picks:


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Kristen's picks:


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Sierra's picks:


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Jennifer's picks:

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