The Luxe Accessory Every French Woman Wears on Repeat


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If you scroll through Who What Wear on any given day, you'd most likely glean that we love French fashion. One might assume that our obsession is rooted in the upcoming release of the fourth season of Netflix's breakout show Emily in Paris, starring our recent cover star Lily Collins. But in truth, we were about French fashion long before it became a part of the broader zeitgeist. From searching Paris's runways for trends to scouring our feeds for outfit inspiration, we can't get enough of everything French adjacent.

So it's only natural that we turned to them again when thinking about ways to make winter outfits feel more luxurious. After much research, we concluded that only one winter-ready accessory is the key to replicating that je ne sais quoi that's innate to French women: cashmere scarves. Though it may seem trivial, this accessory can make any outfit look more elegant and make any person (no matter where they live) feel chic.

In an effort to prove the power of this piece, we found examples of how French women are wearing this luxurious winter accessory. Plus, we rounded up the 30 best cashmere scarves across the internet based on price point, sustainability, and wearability. Keep scrolling to see how this plush accessory plays a significant part in Parisian fashion.


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What You'll Need: Cashmere Scarf + Shoulder Bag + Blazer + Leather Gloves + Trousers


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What You'll Need: Cashmere Scarf + Denim Jacket + Wool Coat + Jeans + Sneakers


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What You'll Need: Cashmere Scarf + Wrap Coat + Riding Boots


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What You'll Need: Cashmere Scarf + Peacoat + Jeans + Ballet Flats


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What You'll Need: Cashmere Scarf + Hat + Poncho + Jeans + Ankle Boots

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