I Get So Many Compliments on These Boots

Yes, I live in New York, so I have an unreasonably small closet. But that hasn't stopped me from amassing a sizable collection of shoes, or, more specifically, boots. While it may sound crazy to some to fill up a bookshelf and two back-of-door organizers with my shoes, to me, no part of an outfit is as crucial as the shoes you finish it with. When I'm trekking around the city, I need something with a low heel. If I'm wearing bell-bottoms, I always choose pointed boots. And if it's snowy, a chunky sole is a necessity.

But it's not just that I've managed to hone in on a boot for every occasion; there are certain styles that seem to garner the question "Where did you get those?" whenever I wear them out of the house. It seems that we're all on a quest to find the perfect boots. So, since I've walked more than a few miles in the eight styles below, I figured they'd be worth sharing.

White Boots

Lug-Sole Boots

Velvet Ankle Boots

Classic Chelsea Boots

Combat Boots 

Gathered OTK Botos

Suede Booties

Sock Boots

Aemilia Madden