7 Expert Shoe Organizing Tips You Need In Your Life


(Image credit: Practically Perfect LA)

We’ve all been there—rummaging through our closet in search of the perfect shoes to finish off an outfit, only to find that despite our best shoe organizing efforts, our bootsstilettos, and sneakers have jumbled into one large pile of footwear. To rid ourselves of the struggle, we turned to experts Kitt Fife and Joni Weiss of Practically Perfect LA to tell us their best practices for maintaining a closet where your shoes will be in order and the time you spend getting ready will decrease. Who doesn’t want that?

Find the storage option that works for you.

While some people prefer to keep their shoes in neat boxes, others might find the boxed system unnecessary. “If you’re not someone who wants to add an extra step to the process, or you like to try several options before you commit to a pair of shoes, this system might cause more frustration than it’s worth,” Weiss says. If you do keep your shoes in boxes, they recommend labeling your boxes or even taking photos.

Alternate the direction of your shoes.

“If space is tight, place one shoe from each pair forward and the other one backward,” the duo advises. This not only makes each pair take up less space, but you’ll also be able to get a full view of the shoes you’re reaching for.

Group different types and styles of shoes together.

Fife and Weiss say that it’s helpful to keep your shoes grouped by the occasion and activity. “If you’re tight on space, keep your most frequently worn pair of shoes within reach and your special occasion shoes in another area of the closet or house.”

Keep your shoes off the floor.

Whenever possible, they advise, keep your shoes on shelves rather than the floor to avoid any dust that might collect on your favorite pairs. It’ll also keep your shoes visible which will result in more wear.

Opt for slanted shelves.

According to Fife and Weiss, angled shelves are ideal for the best visibility when it comes to your shelves. If you can find vented or breathable shelves, that’ll also keep your shoes from collecting too much dust.

Use a divided organizer.

Store your flats and sandals in a divided organizer, such as a desktop file organizer. This will keep your pairs neatly together, plus finding a matching set will be completely seamless.

Consider shoe care products.

To streamline the process of caring for your shoes, Fife and Weiss recommend keeping all of your shoe cleaning supplies, such as cleaners, protectant sprays and more, in a basket near your shoes.

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Dale Arden Chong