The Body Moisturizers Beloved by 6 Celebs and Their Drugstore Dupes

There's a certain allure surrounding celebrity skincare routines that leaves us regular folks downright desperate for details. We glean what we can from their glam squads, who will occasionally throw us a bone about the hair and makeup items that help them look their best, but it seems like skincare regimens are decidedly more private. Getting even more specific, finding out what kind of body moisturizers any given It girl uses requires some serious research.

Thankfully, digging into the personal beauty rituals of the biggest stars is what we do best. In pursuit of the best moisturizers out there, we researched our little hearts out to get to the bottom of the lotions, creams, and oils used by the glowiest of A-listers. But that's not all! We also got into the ingredients to show you some more affordable options to help you get your glow on all winter, too.

Read on to learn more about the best moisturizers out there right now, and don't forget to shop your favorites.

January Jones
The Body Moisturizers Beloved by Celebs: January Jones


Her Pick:

Not only has Jones has mentioned this cream in countless interviews over the years, but the teal bottle can also be spotted prominently featured in many of the candid snaps she shares of her extensive collection of beauty must-haves. This particular formulation is meant to lift and firm the skin and is particularly equipped to lessen the look of cellulite and dimpled skin. It's also insanely moisturizing, with black currant, Bulgarian rose oil, and trehalose. 

The dupes:

This affordable option also features Bulgarian rose oil to intensely hydrate the skin and prevent against water loss.

If lifting and firming is your goal, this lotion by Aveeno gets the job done with a shiitake mushroom complex and wheat protein to visibly tighten the skin.

The Body Moisturizers Beloved by Celebs: Oprah


Her pick:

It's been reported that after trying this body butter for the first time, Oprah proceeded to order an entire case of the stuff. She loved it that much. It must be the decadent blend of butterfly tree extract, buriti oil, karite butter, organic orange, and jojoba oil that made her heart sing.

The dupes:

This thick cream gives a similar emollient feel to Oprah's favorite for a fraction of the price.

Though this body lotion employs cocoa and cupuaçu butters instead of a shea butter base, it's similarly quick-drying and instantly moisturizing.

Jennifer Lopez
The Body Moisturizers Beloved by Celebs: Jennifer Lopez


Her pick:

The most J.Lo thing I've ever heard is that this glamorous perfomer extraordinnaire used La Mer's iconic face cream all over her whole body. She's that glam. Not long after that, the brand dropped this body-specific iteration of its famous blend, and we're willing to bet Lopez has switched over to this more cost-effective (lol) option.

The dupes:

If, like Lopez, you're into super thick and luxe creams, then this is definitely a good one to check out. It's a longtime staple for wardrobe stylists and makeup artists, too, since it adds instant hydration to the skin, leaving it red carpet–ready. It actually has a similar scent to the La Mer version, too.

If you don't mind an herbaceous, citrusy scent, then this is another must-try formula. It's mega-moisturizing, with both shea butter and coconut oil, to deliver tons of nutrients to the skin. It's also rich and satiny to the touch, making it a real tactile treat.

Gywneth Paltrow
The Body Moisturizers Beloved by Celebs: Gwyneth Paltrow


Her pick:

Paltrow told Into the Gloss that when it comes to moisturizing her body, oils are the way to go. She called out this one by Tammy Fender, which combines a luxurious blend of nourishing oils with pure Bulgarian lavender to calm the body and mind.

The dupes:

This clean body oil by EO is a great option if you want a serene, lavender moment without the hefty price tag. This one uses French lavender instead of Bulgarian, so keep that in mind if you're especially particular about the exact origins of your herbs.

The fair-trade lavender carried in this sweet almond oil hails from Moldova and smells just as heavenly as you might imagine.

Tracee Ellis Ross
The Body Moisturizers Beloved by Celebs: Tracee Ellis Ross


Her pick:

Ellis Ross is another star who relies on oils to keep her body soft and smooth. She even demonstrated in a recent video how she applies the antioxidant and vitamin-infused oil generously while she's still wet from the shower.

The dupes:

This avocado oil might seem too basic to compare with the pricey versions on the market, but all you really need is a couple of drops of essential oils and you're in business. We'll admit that it doesn't contain squalane, like the Retrouvé formula, but, again, you can easily purchase an inexpensive vial of that and add a few drops here.

Here's another avocado oil base that's prime for blending up your own luxurious body moisturizer. 

Victoria Beckham
The Body Moisturizers Beloved by Celebs: Victoria Beckham


Her pick:

Beckham has been an outspoken fan of the Augustinus Bader brand and its collection of miracle-working products–so much so that she recently joined forces with the German scientist to create a priming moisturizer for her own line, Victoria Beckham beauty. The brand's main selling point (aside from its mile-long list of celebrity fans) is its patented TFC8 complex. There's a lot of science involved, but basically, the complex helps wake up dormant stem cells, helping to stimulate the skin's natural cell renewal process. 

The dupes:

It would be impossible to replicate the patented TFC8 complex that makes Augustinus Bader's cream what it is, but what you can replicate is the rich feel of the cream itself. This one from Nubian Heritage definitely rivals the thickness and moisturizing effects of its expensive counterpart.

This dermatologist-approved cream is another solid competitor with Beckham's favorite. A little goes a long way, and it leaves the skin intensely moisturized and glowy. You also won't have to worry about any pesky scents that might irritate your skin.

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