I Used to Hate This Boot Style, But These 21 Pairs Made Me Do a Total 180

Normally, the first pair that comes to mind when I think of outdated shoe styles is sock boots—period. Once utterly ubiquitous, the ultra-fitted silhouette was deemed "out" a few years back and replaced by wider-leg knee-highs, cowboy boots, and anything with a lug sole attached. And yet, in recent weeks, I've found myself not only softening to sock boots again but actually wanting a pair (or two) to add to my fall wardrobe. Shocking, I know.

From tall takes to classic ankle boots, the sock-boot offerings on the market right now are aplenty and dangerously tempting, and that's coming from someone who six months ago would've likely scoffed at the idea of introducing a pair into my boot collection. But, hey, there's no need to blindly trust me. Instead, keep scrolling to make up your own mind about the second coming of sock boots. I have a feeling your opinion of them will do a 180 too. 

How to style sock boots in 2022:



Leave it to Elsa Hosk to toss on a sweater and a miniskirt with sock boots and change my mind entirely about the shoe style. 

As summer transitions into fall, this look is all the push you should need to swap out your kitten heels for a pair of knee-high sock boots.

Christie Tyler could be wearing PJs under this coat for all I know. But thanks to a cinched belt, an Hermès bag, and a pair of pointed-toe sock boots, the resulting look is an 11/10. 

Edge up a feminine slip dress by pulling on a pair of stretch-fit, sky-high sock boots. 

Shop the sock-boot trend:

It's impossible to regret owning these. 

Looking expensive is as easy as spending $50 on these boots.

Piferi is the shoe brand to know in 2023.

A modernized take on the sock-boot silhouette. 

I feel like people sleep on COS's boots too often.

I want anything The Row makes, and that's just a fact of life. 

Finding thigh-high boots at this price is close to impossible. 

Nomasei's boots are quality with a capital Q. 

I've been loving brown boots lately. They're perfect for fall.