I Thought I Couldn't Be a Bigger Staud Fan—Then I Tried These 7 Fall Pieces


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Welcome to The Great Try-On. We're gearing up for fall, and that includes freshening up our wardrobes with some new pieces. We got to try on some of the best fall pieces from some of your favorite brands and documented it all from our at-home dressing rooms so that you can see how they actually look IRL. We hope that our photos and candid reviews will help you shop for fall wardrobe builders and trend-forward pieces that you'll wear over and over this season and beyond.

If you were privy to my private conversations, you'd most likely conclude that my obsession with Staud can be, at times, a bit much. While I love supporting many brands (from newer designers to Black-owned labels), I'd be delusional if I said I wasn't a Staud fan through and through. Everyone including fellow editors, friends, family, publicists, and even my partner knows that eight out of 10 times, I'm wearing something from Staud. And while I know that I own way too many pieces from the brand and that I should show some form of self-control and unsubscribe from its text messages and that no one in my circle wants to hear me rambling about Staud's new arrivals (again), I can't help myself. 

Because every season, without fail, Staud manages to create stunning pieces, and its fall 2022 collection is no exception. From leather jackets with faux-fur lapels to moiré evening gowns to saffron red knee-high boots and suede shoulder bags, there are so many noteworthy pieces from this collection. So you can understand why I had to try on samples, and luckily, Staud obliged. Ahead, you'll find photos and my reviews of seven items from Staud's fall collection I had the pleasure of trying on, along with a few of the pieces I've owned for a while that I feel are worth buying. If you're not a Staud fan, consider this your induction into the club. 


(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz; STYLING: Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); Staud Ashley Coat Black Vegan Leather ($550) and Zelda Dress ($375); Sam Edelman boots)

Staud Ashley Coat and Zelda Dress 


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My Review: Landing on what pieces to try on from Staud's fall collection felt akin to how children must feel when picking out which candy to buy—you want it all, but you have to choose something. Despite all the deliberation, I decided to try the vegan-leather Ashley Coat styled with the Zelda knit dress for my first look.

Knowing that leather outerwear will be huge this season and never having the chance to experience Staud's vegan leather in person, I knew the Ashley Coat was the way to go. Upon unboxing it, I must admit I was a little sad that the vegan leather isn't as buttery soft as I'd hoped, but any doubts I may have had were swiftly swept away once I put it on. Unlike other leather trenches I've tried in the past, it wasn't too tight or oversize—it was the perfect fit. This is rare for me, considering I'm a size 6, have a larger bust and broad shoulders, and am 5'4". For most pieces, I have to either buy a larger size and tailor it or suffer in a smaller size. But surprisingly, the size small proved to be the right move, as the fit was flattering on my shoulders and bust, and the hemline grazed my mid-calf, which is ideal because longer coats are in for fall. While I don't see myself buying this coat, as I already own a few leather versions, I will say that anyone looking to invest in a new jacket for fall would be remiss not to consider this one. It fits well and is a piece you can wear with a ton of fall outfits—including a great sweaterdress like the Zelda dress I tried on.

Before diving into this dress, I must admit that I own quite a few fabulous sweaterdresses, including a beloved Staud turtleneck version that I'll never part with. But collection aside, I could also see myself making space for this dress after trying it. Much like the coat, I was on the fence about how I'd feel about this sweaterdress, as I loved the cyan blue contrast whipstitch detailing but wasn't sure about the open netting around the neck. However, once I put it on, I was hard-pressed to take it off, as it's perfect all around. There are many things to love about this dress, but one of the main reasons is the yarn, which is thick enough to keep you warm in the winter. Another reason I love this dress is the fact that it's incredibly flattering on (thanks to that high slit and true-to-size fit), unlike the commonly baggier iterations from other brands. But what I love most about this dress is that, in true Staud fashion, the fine details are what you end up falling for. 

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(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz; STYLING: Staud Lollipop Mini Ilana Dress ($325) and Lollipop Moire Karine Heel ($375); Staud x Moda Operandi Limited Edition Tommy Bag)

Staud Mini Ilana Dress and Karine Heels


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My Review: The one thing I've always loved about Staud is its ability to create a stellar dress—from crisp poplin white maxis to intricately woven sweaterdresses to crystal-embellished full-length gowns, it's got it all. But this fall, I was particularly excited about the selection because it introduced a few moiré dresses in bubblegum pink. Before I laid eyes on this collection, I was convinced I'd be breaking up with the hue this fall and entering my grunge era, but Staud again convinced me otherwise. 

When deciding which pink dress to test-drive, I was highly indecisive, so I sent them all to the Staud team and let them send me which sample they had. I ended up trying on the Ilana Dress, which was surprising because I would not have chosen this dress for myself, as I'm not generally into shift-dress silhouettes. I find it hard to find ones that aren't tight around my chest. (Blame the DDs.) That being said, I tried this sample on in size small, and while it was admittedly a little snug around the bust, I had no issues getting into it, and it was comfortable without being overly baggy. Once I got used to the fit, I fell in love with this dress in a way I never would have expected. I became obsessed with the high neckline, the bow collar, and the soft moiré fabric, as it's the perfect balance between pretty and posh. Sizing woes aside, I can see myself buying this dress in my proper size (medium). For my bustier readers, I'd recommend even sizing up and tailoring so that you can experience the magic of this minidress for yourself. 

In addition to trying (and falling for) the Ilana dress, I knew I also wanted to show the power of Staud's accessories, so I decided to pair it with great shoes and a bag. I landed on my special-edition Staud x Moda Operandi Tommy bag. While my bag is now sold out, this silhouette is always reenvisioned in new prints each season, making it challenging not to buy every single one. Whichever one you land on, I can guarantee you'll wear it all the time, as it's one of my most beloved bags. Regarding the shoes, I landed on trying on the Karine Heels in size 40. It's a shame that it took me this long to dip my toes into Staud's footwear department because these shoes are on-point. From the comfortable fit to the mule silhouette to the pretty pink moiré fabric, I love everything about these shoes and will surely be shopping for them for fall. 

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(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz; STYLING: Maison Miru Chubby Hoops ($180); Staud Merlot Carnation Dress ($275), Ocher Tan Valerie Shoulder Bag ($350), and Tan Suede Cami Boot ($550))

Staud Carnation Dress, Valerie Shoulder Bag, and Cami Boots


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My Review: I know what you're thinking: Did this girl only try on dresses? And the answer is yes. While Staud has incredible separates that are worth shopping for, as someone who's spent years shopping from this brand, I haven't ever gotten over the fact that its dresses always serve precisely what I'm craving. Case in point: the Carnation dress in Merlot. I knew I wanted to try on this dress because it's the type of fall staple you can wear to work, on a date, or just to run errands. I tried the dress in size small and was delightfully surprised by the fit. It has a subtle nipped-in waist, which makes it super flattering, and the V-neck is just the right amount of skin. It's also incredibly soft, making it the perfect purchase for anyone looking to find that cozy fall feeling in one purchase.

What's also remarkable about this dress is that you can style it with just about any accessories. I just so happened to choose to pair it with Staud's Cami Boots and Valerie Shoulder Bag. I'm so grateful I did, too, because I've been dying for the chance to slip into a pair of Staud boots. I wasn't disappointed when the moment came, because the suede on these boots was damn near heavenly. The shoes fit and ran true to size (I tried a 40), and the pointed toe had the perfect amount of space to avoid blisters. They also sat comfortably under my kneecaps with enough space to style a pair of pants inside them or be comfortable enough for anyone with larger calves. These are some of the best boots I've tried on in a while, and my only qualm was that I wish I had tried on the shorter Wally version, too, as that height is ideal for traversing Manhattan. Overall, I loved these boots and could see myself splurging on a pair.

Of course, that's if I don't buy the Staud Valerie Shoulder bag first, which will most likely happen. Even before I got my hands on this bag, I knew I'd love it because I spent a ridiculous amount of time talking about the bag with colleagues when it first dropped. But to be able to witness it in the flesh was a moment I'll cherish forever. It's arguably one of the best bags to come out of Staud in a hot minute. I can make this claim because I own quite a few bags from the brand but also because every detail of this bag is perfect, as it can be styled as a shoulder bag or crossbody. It's the ideal size—not too small or too big, so you can carry the essentials without having to go for the oversize look. But possibly the best thing about this bag are the details: the woven handle, angled shape, and soft suede in hues such as cyan and ocher. To end this ramble on a high note, it's the perfect bag, and if I buy only one Staud piece this season, you better believe it will be this bag. 

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(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz; STYLING: Svnr Thimpu Earrings ($125); Staud Raspberry Moon Bag ($295) and Natural Black Delmore Dress ($325); Black Suede Studio Paola Wedges ($278))

Staud Delmore Dress and Raspberry Moon Bag


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My Review: Okay, while this last look isn't technically a part of Staud's fall 2022 collection, I wanted to include it to show how I've personally bought from this brand for years now and can't speak higher praises for it. You can call me biased if you want, but at the end of the day, the quality of these pieces speaks for itself. Take, for example, the Raspberry Moon Bag I'm wearing in the look above. I've owned it for almost two years, have worn it almost to death in every season, with every type of ensemble possible, and it still is in great shape. It's probably one of the best bags I own because of its durability and versatility and, most importantly, how happy it continues to make me. 

But it's not just the bags that hold up over time; everything does. I have so many pieces from Staud that continue to turn to when I need to look effortlessly chic in fall, winter, spring, and summer. The most recent addition to that collection is the Delmore Dress I'm wearing above. I bought it in the early summer using Klarna as a birthday gift, and I have no regrets. I'm enamored with everything about this dress—from the leather pipping to the cutout detail to the lightweight linen. But what I love most is that like so many other Staud pieces, I can rest assured that it will still be stylish enough to wear next season and beyond. For me, the true mark of money well spent is when your clothing, shoes, or bags can transcend trends and become a part of your forever wardrobe. And I have yet to meet a Staud piece that can't do just that. 

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