Bella Hadid's Sneakers Are So Comfy They Feel Like Stepping on a Cloud

There are comfy sneakers, and then there are really comfy ones—and Bella Hadid has officially found the latter. In fact, the trainers she was seen wearing for a recent outing in New York City are so comfortable they feel like stepping on a cloud. Intrigued yet? Because we definitely were.

Hadid wore the Prada Cloudbust Mesh Sneakers ($690)—a fitting name for a shoe designed to create the feeling of walking on a soft, puffy cloud. But how is this possible? The sneaker features a contrasting bubble-style sole that lifts you up and creates a soft, cushy barrier between your feet and the ground.

The model coupled the shoes (which we're predicting will be among the next It items of 2018) with relaxed pieces—a pair of loose-fitting pants and a long overcoat—which together, created a look that appears as comfortable as it does cool. Now that's a win, win. Read on to see Bella Hadid's full outfit, and then shop the Prada sneakers for yourself.