Care by Stella McCartney

Leave it to Stella McCartney to create one more thing we feel we can't live without. If her charming clothes and vegan-approved accessories weren't enough, she's now gone and created care by Stella McCartney-a luxury organic skincare line. After realizing that the chic, eco-friendly set didn't have high-end products that would work well, look good, and (most importantly, of course) agree with their ethics, she whipped up care. The line is 100% organic, and it's totally free of endangered plant species, chemical preservatives, and petrochemicals. It probably goes without saying that it's not tested on animals either.

In an unusual twist from typical skincare lines, any skin type can use any of the care products. The line has been thoughtfully edited. There are two cleansers (milk and foam), one 100% water, anti-oxidant packed toner, a moisturizer that comes in cream or lotion form, and your choice of three elixirs (radiance, calming, or nourishing).

care by Stella McCartney is currently only available at The Discovery Set (moisturizing cream and the three elixirs), $38, is a good way to figure out what works for you. As for the rest of the products, the cleansers are $35 each, toner is $35, moisturizer $76 each, and each elixir is $64. We're sure Gwyneth is stocking up right now...