The Reason Aquazzura's Most Popular Shoes Were Always Sold Out

It's been five years since the inception of these iconic shoes, and they remain Aquazzura's best sellers to this day. A month after the shoes first hit stores, there was a waiting list for a year. During their first two years on the market, they were constantly sold out. What about this suede synergistic hybrid of booties and sandals ignites such an indisputable cult following, especially among celebs?

Aquazzura Creative Director Edgardo Osario says the secret to the success of his "Sexy Things" is all about comfort. The hit style was Osario's first-ever design for the label. His inspiration was simple: Make a beautiful pair of shoes for women that was actually comfortable.

"I was surrounded by women and all I would hear is of them complaining about their shoes," Osorio recounts to "Back then, 'comfort' was a dirty word in fashion footwear. … So, I wanted to create a shoe that was like slipping your foot into a glove—something beautiful, feminine, and sexy at the same time."

The best seller only took an afternoon for Osario design. To ensure the shoes' comfort, he collaborated with artisans and experts of the human form. Everything about the shoes' construction, from material to shape, plays a role in their superlative comfort. For this reason, wearers have fondly nicknamed the style the "12-hour" shoes, quite an unusual association for footwear boasting 4.5-inch heels. In addition to their unrivaled comfort, Sexy Things have had staying power because they can be worn year-round with any outfit. These shoes are never going out of style.

Keep reading to see some of the most striking ways celebrities have styled the best-selling booties, and shop the shoes below.