Amal Clooney Responds Brilliantly When Asked Who She Wore to Court

With the entire fashion world swooning over Amal Clooney's tremendous personal style, it's easy to forget that, in real life, she's a highly respected civil rights lawyer who regularly defends individuals against atrocities like apartheid and genocide. (No big deal.)

Apparently, even when Clooney is on the job, she must work to combat her image as nothing more than a rising fashion star. While recently working on a genocide case in an Armenian courtroom, Clooney was asked what she was wearing by a reporter. And her response is amazing.

Clooney laughed, pointed to her legal robes, and responded, "Ede and Ravenscroft." (It's a heritage company known for producing high-quality legal garments of all sorts.)

As much as we respect Clooney for her impeccable style, we respect her a whole lot more for her impressive and important career. Hopefully the rest of the world will soon catch on! 

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