Amal Clooney's Style Influence Reaches Farther Than You Think

It’s flattering when someone cops your style—imitation is the sincerest form, right? In Amal Clooney’s case, it’s not only nice, but will actually increase business for retailers. Like, whoa. According to People, similar to Kate Middleton’s “Kate Effect,” everything the lawyer puts on turns to gold—quite literally. When People broke the news about Clooney’s fur baseball hat purchase at NYC’s What Goes Around Comes Around, fans quickly hit the store to scoop up their own version. “We got half a dozen calls after that, asking if we had any more mink baseball hats or if we could locate some,” Gerard Maione, co-owner of What Goes Around Comes Around told People. So that’s exactly what Maione did—he found more. Brands like Clooney’s go-to denim brand Citizens of Humanity have also experienced similar upticks in sales based on her simply wearing a certain style. Yep, it appears her influence is even more major than we thought.

What do you think of Amal Clooney’s fashion power? Do you love her style? Tell us in the comment section below and shop one of her latest looks here

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