The Best All-Black Outfits With Leggings

If we had to choose a set of characteristics that an easy outfit would entail, leggings and all black are two shoo-ins. Whether you're a girl averse to color or you just like to don a through-and-through dark outfit on occasion, you're probably aware that all-black everything can start to get a little boring. Additionally, if you love leggings, you're probably on a constant search for outfits that make leggings acceptable as pants.

Being fully aware of these two sartorial predicaments, we made it our mission to seek out six black legging outfit formulas that are polished, comfortable, and anything but boring. Included in the mix are both casual and dressier options, and every one of them makes leggings perfect pant options (i.e., no crop tops in sight).

Since the busy holiday season is basically upon us, do yourself a favor and pin these outfit ideas for the next time you have nothing to wear. (We’re especially keen on comfortable all-black legging outfits for travel days.)

Shop the outfits below!

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Opening Image: Splash News