Alexa Chung Actually Made Pleather Pants Look Cool

We'd never doubt Alexa Chung's ability to make anything look cool, but her latest successful fashion risk comes as a bit of a surprise. Chung attended's pre–Met Gala cocktail party on Saturday night wearing an unexpected piece—a pair of pleather pants (as in Britney Spears circa 2009). Unsurprisingly, Chung pulled them off like the sartorial pro that she is. Her trick? Choosing a pair of trousers with a slim but not tight fit and rolled cuffs at the ankles, which made them feel modern and effortless. She paired them with polished pieces, including a tank bodysuit, naked sandals, and a pastel statement coat. She looked appropriate for spring and this decade.

It remains to be seen whether or not Chung will be able to singlehandedly resurrect pleather pants, but we'd gladly re-create this particular outfit. Keep scrolling to see Chung wearing her pleather pants with ease, and shop a pair that we're digging! (Bonus: They're on sale.) 




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Opening Image: WireImage