The Surprising Article of Clothing That Alexa Chung Hates

When it comes to Alexa Chung's sartorial likes and dislikes, we're all ears. So when the star recently participated in Leandra Medine's Oh Boy podcast, we listened intently to the conversation between the two style icons.

When their chat inevitably veered toward Chung's shopping habits, she divulged that she's not a fan of going-out tops. Her reasoning? As Chung put it, "There’s something about [the look] that upsets me. I went into Isabel Marant yesterday and I saw this nice red blouse—but then it was so, like, You wear that with jeans. I want to make things look interesting together and not be so spelled out."

While Chung purchased the blouse anyway (the heart wants what the heart wants), we're guessing that she won't be wearing it with jeans. Conversely, the type of top that she can't get enough of? Spaghetti-strap tank tops. Slightly more specific but also on Chung's wishlist is a pale yellow mohair cardigan.

To hear more about how she survives winter gloom and more, head over to Man Repeller to hear the full podcast, and shop a few tank tops that Chung would approve of below!

What's your stance on going-out tops? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Splash News