The Affordable Accessories Every Cool Girl Just Can't Stop Wearing

Before we begin, I'd like to admit I'm the first person to try a weird, viral fashion hack after seeing it pop up on my TikTok FYP. Tights as pants? Yep. Coastal grandma? Been there, done that. Bad Bunny–inspired sunglasses? Already on the list.

Thanks to TikTok's viral melting pot of of-the-moment trends and out-there aesthetics that would get all eyes on you in a crowded room, cool girls of the moment have been ramping up their style lately with shoes, handbags, and eyewear that can only be responded to with a "Hmmm…" We at Who What Wear are the first ones to put new cool trends to the test. And naturally, thanks to the algorithm, TikTok keeps feeding us. 

Below, all of the cool-girl accessory trends that are approved by our editors (and the #FYP) to ensure a viral moment. From controversial oversize shades to bags so large you can stuff a load of laundry in them, here are the best accessory trends to test this spring, all under $100.

Bug-Eyed Sunglasses



Embellished Mary Janes



Red Socks



Colorful Knit Hoods



XXL Tote Bags