Meet Vanilla Girl: 2023's Latest Trend That's Going Viral on TikTok



Balletcore, coastal grandmother, and coquettecore, meet "vanilla girl," the winter-weather, Hailey Bieber–esque, soft-life, romantic look that's been making the rounds on TikTok lately as 2023's inaugural aesthetic. Necessary components include white bows, cream cardigans, luxurious candles and a 10-step self-indulgent skincare routine that would make any celebrity aesthetician jealous. In a nutshell, the trend is just cozy, warm, winter whites.

Following in the footsteps of the "clean girl" aesthetic trend, the newer, softer version dubbed vanilla girl promises a quiet life in the country, high-thread-count duvets, and cozy Ugg boots. After a year of cycling through TikTok aesthetics for my job, vanilla girl has to be the easiest-to-replicate of the 30+ trends I've seen over the last year. 



Vanilla girl is a complicated thought to me: On one hand, the trending aesthetic seems simple and fun—just throw on a cream-colored cardigan and put bows in your hair. On the other hand, though, it's important to acknowledge how the TikTok algorithm promotes certain vanilla-girl videos over others—ones often centering thinner, white women rather than plus-size creators or creators of color. Thankfully, there's a large and dedicated audience of cool, authentic people owning the trend and making it their own, a necessary step toward radical inclusivity that's just now taking stride across social media. It's about time!

Below, shop all the cozy and cute vanilla-girl essentials you need to take you through the rest of winter.

Shop the trend

This coat goes with everything.

I need a pair of cream Moon Boots as soon as possible.

I've never met a turtleneck sweater I didn't like.

The frill details on this sweater would make any vanilla girl proud.

One teddy bear costume, coming right up.

The next best thing to Ugg boots? Ugg slippers, of course.

This camisole is perfect for layering under an oat-milk-colored chunky sweater.

I'm a sucker for tops with thumb holes.

Prepared to be a vanilla girl on my morning walks.

This cardigan looks great with anything, vanilla girl or not.

The shearling elements pack a wintry punch.

Did I mention how much I love shearling?

This blazer is the perfect combination of vanilla Girl and Scandi style.

Ear muffs are a vanilla-girl necessity.

Mark my words: 2023 is the year of the tunic.

These pants may be the comfiest thing on this list.

Another Skims classic that's vanilla-girl approved.