I'm a Stylist on TikTok—These Are the Fashion Problems I Solve the Most

While spending one of my evenings scrolling through TikTok (you know, as one does), I stumbled across Eugenia Battaglia’s account, @stylewitheugenia. She’s worked as a stylist for 15 years and currently posts shopping recommendations, tricks, and styling techniques on TikTok. On that note, I reached out to Battaglia to uncover further insights into the “fashion problems” she solves the most for her clients. 

“After 15 years of working as a stylist, these are a few of the most common questions I get from women of all ages. I get it! Finding the right clothes at the right price can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be,” she told me. She also explained that the tips coming your way below are simple guidelines to empower you the next time you head to your closet or local department store. 

With all of this in mind, keep scrolling to uncover styling tips from this stylist on TikTok as well as shopping references if you’re interested in adding something fresh to your rotation. 

The style question: How do I get a better fit? 

The solution: “As you’re trying different styles and sizes, keep in mind the option of going up a size and then tailoring those places where the item needs to be more fitted. You may need more room in the shoulders or chest area. Buy the size that best fits those areas and then have a professional perform alterations on the rest of the garment.  

“Don’t forget about making sure your undergarments fit appropriately, especially your bra! Just as the rest of your body changes, your bra size will too. I highly recommend my clients visit their favorite department stores for a fitting. There are specialty bra stores. However, I’ve found department stores to be the most consistent in delivering accurate measurements. Before you try on any new tops, get a fitting and a new bra.”

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The style question: Should I buy something just because it’s on sale?

The solution: “Beware of the bargain trap. Sale racks are great! I love them and encourage my clients to use them. However, just because an item is on the sale rack doesn’t mean it’s always a good buy. As you’re browsing, be sure you’re selecting pieces that you’ll actually use and are functional. It won’t matter how great of a deal it is if it only hangs in your closet. Your wardrobe is an investment, so be sure to only bring in items you’ll utilize.”

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The style question: How do I find the best clothes to make me feel confident?

The solution: “Make changes to your wardrobe as Mother Nature makes changes to your body. It seems to happen overnight. All those items in your closet used to fit perfectly, and now, you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Most women will experience a few different moments in their life when their bodies change. It can be frustrating, but it’s important for each woman to embrace the uniqueness of their body!”

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The style question: How do I set my look apart from the rest?

The solution: “Accessories make the outfit. It's the small details you add that really help set your look apart. Here are some simple tips to elevate any outfit. If you have an outfit that comes with a belt, take your look up a notch by replacing it with your own. Investing in timeless accessories that fit within your budget will always pay off! If you have a more neutral outfit, add some flare with colorful shoes. And don’t forget: Your look isn’t complete without a complementary lipstick color.”

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The style question: Should I experiment with different brands?

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The solution: “As you try different brands, you’ll start to learn those that fit your body better than others. Focus on the fit and how you feel in the garment. You will start to see there are brands you are drawn to and will become your ‘go-to.’”

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