I Can't Stop Wearing Sporty Sunglasses—28 Pairs in My Shopping Cart

I have a distinct memory of myself in high school, looking puzzlingly at the baseball team because every single player had on the same blue- or red-lens Oakley (or Oakley look-alike) sunglasses, as if they were an official part of their uniform. Oversize, shield-like, and sporty—the latter of which I am not—the style made no sense to me aesthetically. That is, until now. Ten years later, those same aerodynamic shades are all I want to wear. 

It started when I set out to find a pair of performance sunglasses to run in this summer and stumbled across a pair of matte black shades on one of those spinning racks at Duane Reade. (You know the ones.) At $13 a pop, I couldn't help myself. Before long, I began wearing them for more than just morning jogs, styling them with everyday outfits and even wearing them throughout NYFW. And apparently, I'm not the only one taking an interest in performance eyewear.

Ahead, see for yourself the growing interest in sporty sunglasses, and shop an array that ranges from Balenciaga and Bottega Veneda to Ray-Ban and District Vision.

Look at that: Kim Kardashian West wearing sporty sunglasses.

These shades, designed by Kardashian West's stylist Veneda Carter, keep selling out.

You bet these are ready and waiting in my online shopping cart. 

From the front, these look like standard sunglasses. But once you see the side angle, you can tell they were made for ~sports~.

Is it too early to call these the It shades for 2022?

These come in 14 other colors, in case you're interested.

I swear my mom had these, and now I'm wondering if she still does (so I can steal them, obviously). 

Sporty Sunglasses



This bug-eyed style is a favorite of brands like Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, and Burberry. 

I just might have to buy these right now. 

I think about the fall 2020 runway look these sunglasses were included in daily. 

I'm telling you sport sunglasses make every outfit look cooler. 

Despite only just launching on October 31, sporty eyewear brand Mojo is already garnering attention among trendsetters such as Paige Reifler and Cailin Russo.

I wear my Nike running sunglasses for workouts and brunch. 

Sporty Sunglasses



Excuse me while I scour the internet to find these pink shades.

A pair of tortoiseshell shades is essential. 

Fact: These will edge up any outfit.

Do you think if I wear these that people will believe I'm sporty?

These are the eyewear version of "dad" sneakers.

Sporty Sunglasses



It's safe to say that anything Dua Lipa wears I want to wear too.

Now, to find an entire outfit to go with.

These will become the main selling point of your look, no matter what you wear with them.

Sporty shades aren't just for the slopes. Though, they will make your slopeside attire look tenfold more stylish.

These are for sure going on my holiday wish list.

Okay, this color is incredible. The discount isn't half bad either.

Balenciaga for under $100? *Adds to cart.*